Three Free Stress Ruducing Websites

Posted on October 8th, 2013 by Freebie Felicia

When I have had a long day I love doing something relaxing and stress releasing. I have found a few good websites that help me do just that, without paying for a class or leaving home again.


I love to meditate and learn new ways to meditate. It helps me feel centered and calm.  And with I get the calm peace of mind knowing that I'm not adding more expenses to our family budget. At this website I find a 10 course class on Sahaja Meditation.  Each class come with four parts including a video, meditation, reading assignment and things I should consider doing before taking the next course.


Yoga helps me to focus making my entire body feel like I want my mind to feel. It helps me regulate breathing and also is a good form of exercise.  My goal can be mental calm or to lose weight and yoga would still be a good solution. That's why I enjoy . They have full video classes for any stage of yoga, including prenatal yoga. There are different types of yoga represented and different teachers. There are various poses that can be looked up by my yoga stage and I can see what these poses do for my body. There is also meditations and breathing information.

Just Sound

Sometimes after a stressful day I don't want to meditate or do yoga. Sometimes I want to sit back and enjoy the sound of something that isn't a fussy child or the apartment complex after dark. That's when I look up . There are three customizable sound machine functions. There is the Ocean where I can can control the volume of the sea gulls or the waves. There is the rain option, where I can change the sound of the wind or the rain. Last there is the white noise option where I can play with brown, pink or white noise. Who knew that noise could be so colorful?

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  1. D October 9, 2013

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful websites. They are just what I need!

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