Things You Shouldn’t Buy In Bulk

Posted on March 29th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Waste not want not right? This is a great thing to think about every time you go to the big bulk super clubs. It’s so easy to see the awesome produce, meats, cheeses, etc and want to “bulk” up your stockpile, but there are some items you should avoid in bulk.

1. Milk. Most families, not all, will not use as much milk as you have to in bulk. For some they will, so by all means the milk is these places is a good price, but if you don’t drink it, it’s just throwing away money. We drink 3 different kinds of milk in our house so bulk is not an option for us.

2. Brown rice. White rice is AWESOME to buy in bulk, but brown rice has a much shorter shelf life and can go back quickly.

3. Condiments. Have you seen how big that mayo is? The average person is not going to use it in time before it expires. Plus it takes up so much space in your refrigerator. Unlike toilet paper that can be stored in a shed if you want, you’ll have to take up the space in the fridge. Space is precious in our house 🙂

4. Vitamins and supplements. Let’s list everything that I have wasted buying in bulk. Prenatal vitamins, children vitamins and whey protein. Ughhhh I hate that I did that. Unless you are absolutely sure you are going to use these things consistently, skip the bulk.

5. Olive oil. Did you know the shelf life of olive oil is only 6 months? You probably won’t cook with that much olive oil unless you have a cooking show. And if you are reading this and you do, drop us a line. We have plenty of Thrifty Divas questions for you! 🙂

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  1. cj March 29, 2012

    we use alot of olive oil! my hubby does all the cooking and it is just the two of us. he puts it in the pasta after it is drained, spreads it on bread with shaker cheese or spices and toasts it. and also of course for sauteing veggies! sauteed cabbage (which we grow alot of) is so good.
    chop up black olives, green olives, capers, mix with olive oil and spread on toast. it tastes so elegant!

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