Things Not To Buy Your Cats (And Their Substitutes)

Posted on April 30th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Things Not to Buy for Your Cats

We love our pets and want to give them the best environment for them to enjoy. Sometimes, howeve,r we go a little crazy to make them happy, not to mention a little out of our price range. In many cases they don’t appreciate and even shun our gifts. Here are a few things I have learned about feline gift giving and what not to get.

Cat Toys

I know they look like fun. They make noises, they are shiny, and they look exciting. The truth is that for the most part your cat doesn’t care about any of that. All he wants is a crumpled up piece of paper and a paper towel tube to shred. Let’s be honest. Most of the things we get our feline friends is for them to claw apart. Why spend more money than needed on that. I make only one exception in this observation. The laser pointer is a cat owner’s best friend.

Bath Products

I’m all for grooming and keeping our furry friends clean. In fact, I try to make sure ours get groomed once a week. The truth is, however, that most cats have no desire to be in a tub full of warm water. They have the ability to express this both loudly and violently. Instead I use a water-less shampoo that sprays onto the cat or (more preferably) the brush. Both you and your cat will be happier. The tub of water and blow dryer don’t need to be involved.

A Pet Bed

I know that some of you out there have you cat trained to sleep in a certain spot and that’s wonderful. For the rest of us we know where our pet is going to sleep even when we buy them a bed of their own. Mine sleep on my bed, on the couch, and in my son’s room in a folding chair. Getting them a pet bed never changed that. In fact, the more we moved them to their own bed the more they hated it. So now they sleep where they want and our son uses the pet bed as a hat during dress up (for cold weather). If you have a kitten or a cat you are convinced will take to a pet bed, go ahead and try it. If you have a cranky old cat like me, just let sleeping cats lay.

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