The Thrifty Easter

Posted on March 18th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Easter is a wonderful holiday. It represents rebirth and new beginnings. It’s a way to express the old adage “out with the old and in with the new.” It could be the new season, a new way of life, or the new life that comes with spring. Best of all, celebrating it doesn’t have to be fancy.

One Item

Instead of getting your children a basket of sugar each, get them an Easter keepsake instead. This could be a religious keepsake or a stuffed bunny. It could be a gift of spring, like a potted plant or a wind chime for their bedroom or to enjoy outside. A small token will last longer and bring good family memories to mind when it is seen. Plus it isn’t likely to rot those cute little baby teeth.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are a fun and easy way to celebrate Easter. A carton of boiled eggs, tap water, and some food coloring is all you really need. You can decorate them, hide them, hunt them, and eat them. It’s a tradition that the more experienced generation will recognize and be able to share the fun in. Plus it’s really not that expensive.

Meat Free Easter Dinner

In fact, don’t just go meat free. Go on a raw diet for the day. Celebrate spring and have salads and fresh fruit and vegetables. Have some mixed nuts and some fruit juices. This will save you money in so many ways. You will save money in meat. You will save the few dollars on your gas or electric bill from not using the stove. Plus you won’t have that heavy sleepy feeling come Easter evening.

A Little Chocolate

It is Easter and chocolate is a part of our Easter tradition. It just isn’t a whole basket full of chocolate. Instead it’s a little chocolate as a snack or for desert. This makes the chocolate a small treat rather than a sweets binge that ends with a sugar coma.

How do you keep the cost low for celebrating Easter?


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