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Posted on August 20th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Thrifty Diva

There are some advantages to being a Thrifty Diva and not all of them are financial achievements. Some of the advantages are a state of mind that allow us to be more level headed about the things we want and how to get them. Here are three such advantages frugal women have been known to attain.

Does Saving Money Define You?

When you are a spender your latest acquisition defines you. When you are a thrifty diva you build your self worth on the money you can save your family. Did you save fifty dollars on groceries? Have you found free entertainment or family experiences? Have you been able to furnish your home beautifully¬†for less than a few hundred dollars? These are the experiences you take pride in. You aren’t looking for the latest and greatest. You keep a level head and work with what you have.

Money is Not Your Enemy

You do not view money in terms of having enough or not enough. Money is a tool that works for you. You use it as such. You determine what you will pay for an item and bend circumstance to meet your needs. For those few bills you can not bend to your will, you still take measures to lower your cost by lowering your usage or by picking a frugal package. You rule your money instead of the other way around.


You don’t NEED a certain item to be happy. For the most part a generic or more reasonable financial option is just fine for you. You can delay your gratification for an object if it is in your best interest. You can even go without an object if it doesn’t meet your financial criteria. In the end you control your financial destiny, not your money.



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