The Second Life of Socks

Posted on August 14th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

When a sock has grown old and long ago lost its mate to the dryer, don’t throw it out. That sock has great potential even at the end of its days to save you money.

A Cleaning Supply

Socks can be put on a hand and used as a dusting mitt. Just add a little bit of furniture polish. They can be used in the same way to wash just about anything from the trash can to the kitchen sink. If you prefer a cleaning rag instead of a mitt just cut  the sock down the side and there you have a new cleaning rag.

A Bath Product

Socks can be used, not just to clean the shower, but to also clean you. You can put a bar of soap in a sock and it keeps the bar from disolving too quickly and at the same time suds up like a wash cloth. If you use body wash instead of bar soap  just add it to the sock like you would a wash cloth or use the sock as a bathing glove.

A  Toy

Socks don’t have to be sock puppets to be toys. A sock can be stuffed and sewn shut to create a new stuffed animal. Be creative, using buttons for eyes and yarn for hair. Perhaps your little ones are of the fuzzy variety. Instead of eyes and hair add catnip or a pocket for a jerky bone.

A sock stuffed animal my mom made me wearing a piece of one of my favorite dresses I grew out of.

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  1. Sarah August 14, 2013

    That sock bunny is SO CUTE!!!

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