The Relativity of Prosperity

Posted on May 28th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Prosperity is determined by our point of view. While it’s important to take control of our finances and to save, it is equally important to have the right mind set while living through our financial dilemmas. Sometimes they really are as bad as the seem, but keeping them in perspective helps make them more manageable in our minds.

Other Countries

Let’s be honest. When we compare what we have to others, we always seem to do it with others from our own country. We have a car, a home, indoor plumbing, and climate control. Yet we always seem to find ourselves wanting better cars and homes with not just indoor plumbing and climate control, but also entertainment systems and fancy furniture and we want them all to match and look good.

If, however, we were to compare our acquisitions on a more global level we would find that we have much more than we think we do. In fact even the poorest of us has more than the rich of other countries. We have a dysfunctional, but still working medical system. Our public schools still provide books for every child. As a member of the world community, we are doing pretty darn good.

Living Debt Free

For those of us who are debt free it may seem that we don’t have a whole bunch to show for it. We drive second hand cars. Our clothes, while clean and presentable, are not overly expensive. We own our stuff. We do not live in fear of credit card bills or if our brand new car will be repossessed.Parajumpers
We live within our means, and when financial problems rear their ugly heads, we can at least be happy what we have remains ours. Unless of course we decide to sell it to relieve our financial needs. We have that option too.

More Than Money

Many of us are content with our tight but reasonable financial situation. This is because we place our value in something else. It could be family time. It might be that week long fishing trip we look forward to. ┬áThe truth is we have learned that furniture, no matter how pretty, doesn’t make us happy for long. Instead, we invest our money where our needs are. We save time and effort for the passions in our lives. That makes our lives prosperous indeed.

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