The “Oh Crap” Bag. An Inexpensive and Very Useful Baby Shower Gift.

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I love giving gifts, no matter what the occasion. Buying gifts for baby showers is probably my favorite though because baby stuff is just so stinkin’ cute! One of my biggest worries when picking out a gift was always that it would be a repeat, whether the parents had already bought it for themselves, or that another guest at the shower gifted it as well. After scouring aisle after aisle of fun baby stuff, and browsing for ideas online, I was inspired to create an “Oh Crap” bag. I had heard of something similar before, and decided to try my hand at creating one of these nifty things myself.

The “Oh Crap” bag is a bag meant to be stored in mom or dads car with a few necessities that baby may need when out of the house. You know, when the pacifier got left behind, or baby has a blow-out and there are no spare onesies in sight? This kit perfectly covers nearly every “oh crap” moment that involves the little one, and would be so handy for any parent no matter how experienced they are.

A bag. (Pick one up at a thrift store, or use a tote bag found in the dollar store.)

Travel size baby wipes. 

Travel size antibacterial wipes.

Diapers, a few in at least two different sizes.

Hand Sanitizer.

Small package of Diaper Sacks. (Optional. You could also include a couple plastic grocery store bags.)

Onesies. (Include at least two different sizes. The parents will need to change these out as baby grows.)




Stuffed animal or other small toy.

Safety Pins.



The best part about this gift is that it is so easily modified. Anything can be put into it based on the baby’s needs. Simply adding a few granola bars for mom or dad, or a spare t-shirt for them when stains magically appear out of nowhere. A small blanket or burping cloth may be a great idea as well. There are so many options.

Another plus is that it shouldn’t cost much to assemble as most of the supplies can even be found at the dollar store! Even though it is an inexpensive gift, it doesn’t look like it is! It looks like you put a lot of thought and effort into the assembly, especially if you add specific items you know that the parents like.

This gift is sure to be the hit of the next baby shower you attend and really mean a lot to the new parents. Taking the time to assemble the items really shows how much you care, and you have so much room to personalize this present! You’ll give the new parents a bit more piece of mind as they head out with baby, knowing that when they inevitably forget something or run into a situation, they’re covered. 🙂

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