The Not So Thrifty Toddler… And What to Do About It

Posted on September 25th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

not thrifty toddler

Kids are not frugal. Toddlers do not sit at the table thinking I shouldn’t waste these green beans. Nor should they. While it is important to teach children to be frugal, it’s also important for them to have a happy childhood. It’s up to us adults to think frugal for them until they can  learn for themselves. Here’s a few thoughts we have come up with.


Nothing will reduce the amount of laundry that you will have to do like using a bib. Children are not the cleanest individuals, and that’s exactly how it should be. At the same time that small fact doesn’t mean you can’t save money on water and laundry detergent. Use bibs on infants when they are awake. It will keep them clean during feedings and when the burp everything up after feeding. For toddlers, get the plastic rinse off type of bib. Use it during meal times and times the two of you are doing an art project together.

Dinner is the New Lunch

Toddler’s don’t care about wasting food. If they aren’t hungry they won’t eat. If they don’t want to eat, they won’t eat. If you let them walk around during a meal, they will almost all of dinner time. Often you  may find yourself switching plates with them simply because they are more interested in eating your food than their own, and your only interest is for them to eat anything. If it’s just one of those nights where they aren’t going to eat, wrap up their food for tomorrow. One of you can eat it for lunch.

Batteries and LED

Toddlers are like little moths. They are attracted to light. Often you could run up a huge electric bill just by their fascination with flipping the light switch on and off. First, keep furniture away from light switches so that they can’t climb up and play with them. Second, use night lights and candles that are battery operated and/or LED. This won’t just reduce the electric bill. This will reduce the chance of your little one burning themselves.

Do you have any money saving tips for parents of infants and/or toddlers?

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