The Most Inexpensive and Delicious Donut Recipe

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My grandma has always made these Biscuit Donut Holes, or as she sometimes calls them, Poor Man’s Donuts! Her mother used to make them when she was a child and she’s continued the tradition by making them for her kids and now her grandkids! And boy have we loved them!

I’m not sure if there’s really a person out there than can turn away from a sugary donut. I’m really not sure it’s possible! Especially with how delicious these guys are.

They’re everything you want in a dessert: sugary, simple and scrumptious! (Yes, I did just find three words that started with an ‘S’, but they all fit perfectly!) Go ahead and give these donuts a try. You will be chowing down on them in only a matter of minutes!


Any can of Biscuit Dough

Enough Vegetable Oil to fill pan 1-1/2 inches

Cinnamon and Sugar to roll the dough in after it’s done frying (you could also use powdered sugar)


First, cut the biscuit dough into quarters.




Turn the oil to med-high and place one bit of dough in to test if the oil is hot enough. The dough should fry up pretty quickly. Once you’d determined that the oil is hot enough, add as many dough bits as you can to the oil so that they are fully submerged.




 It should only take about two minutes before you need to stir them up and flip a few of them around. After that you should only have to let them fry for another minute until they turn a nice dark golden-brown.




After they’ve been scooped from the oil, roll them in a cinnamon-sugar mix



If your mouth isn’t watering at this point, I think there may be something wrong. 😉



Bon Appetit!




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