The Many Uses of Duct Tape

Posted on May 30th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Duct Tape

I love using duct tape in my home. While I have found it can’t fix everything (teddy bears and duct tape just don’t mix) it comes pretty close. We keep a few rolls in our utility closet for crafting, quick fixes, and in case of emergency. There have even been days we have had to get creative in how we would solve a household mishap and duct tape has come in handy.

To Seal Openings

Your windows need to be resealed, but it’s just not something that your apartment complex sees as a priority. It may be that your doors don’t hang right and you have ended up paying more than you want for your air conditioning. None of us want to see our hard earned money seeping through the cracks. Use a little duct tape to seal these areas until your maintenance team can get there. It will keep you cool inside and the bugs out at least for a while.


There are many crafting books in bookstores now that are dedicated to the use of duct tape. Due to this, duct tape comes in plenty of colors, patterns, and designs. Duct tape isn’t a very expensive crafting material even when it’s all dressed up. All this put together makes these crafting projects worth a try. It could be a little birthday present or something cute you have made for yourself. See if you like what you can create. If not you’re out about five dollars at most.


Do you want to patch something that needs a water proof patch. Perhaps a shower curtain. As I said before, duct tape comes in many patterns and colors. It may not match your shower curtain exactly, but it can come pretty close. It’s perfect if you have a two layer shower curtain. The picture on one side would be intact while the sheet of fabric on the other can hide the patch work.

¬†What’s your favorite use for duct tape?

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