The Emotional Stages of Frugality

Posted on January 23rd, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Like many concepts in life, saving money comes with emotional stages. It is rarely fun for everyone all the time. By the same token, it is not always living in a state of frustration. Most people, however, take baby steps into this way of life.


Many people may start their frugal journey based in fear. I know many people that believe that the only reason anyone would be frugal is because they fear not having enough. Not enough money, food, or items of pleasure.

While this may be how many people start out on a frugal journey, this isn’t where most people stay when it comes to a frugal state of mind. The fear eventually gives way to another feeling.


As frugality works its magic, changing our financial situations, we eventually move on from a state of fear and worry and move on to a state of determination. We are determined to make what we have stretch further. We are determined never to worry about a financial low in our lives again. We prepare ourselves for what may or may not come along in our lives and learn to live on less.

Peace of Mind

As our determination begins to develop assets, such as savings both at the register and in the bank, we begin to relax a little. This doesn’t mean that we let our frugal ways go away. It just means that we worry less and less about the things that we can’t control in our lives. Loss of a job? We have some savings until we find another job. Pay cut? We can live off our food storage (created by extreme couponing or buying bulk) for a few months. Then we become excited.


We begin to wonder how we can push our frugal ways even further. Can we learn a craft or trade that reduces the cost of living? Are there ways to insulate our home so that we rely less on climate control in our homes? How can we grow our own food or where can we shop for even less cost, but still good value? All these thoughts lead to action. In time we aren’t just being frugal. We have mastered it.

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