The Easy Path to the Thrifty Life

Posted on September 17th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

thrifty life

When starting out on the Thrifty Diva Road it’s usually to save money. Often we go overboard and fail before even getting started. My first attempt at being thrifty left me with coupons everywhere on items I didn’t buy and with nothing in the fridge that I wanted to eat. I learned the hard way not to buy dollar store milk products and was thankful I was wiser when I started saving money on meat. In spite of all my blunders I am succeeding at being frugal, and comfortably as well.

Get Organized

If you plan on using coupons, start a coupon filing system. If you plan on earning gift cards on click sites prepare a list of daily tasks. If you are shopping at a thrift store make a list of items you are looking for to make sure you do save money, even at a thrift store. Bookmark your favorite money saving blogs and websites. Make a budget and keep it in view. Saving money will be much easier when you know where all your resources are and what your plan is. Remember, not all tips will work for your family. Use the ones you know will work and give the ones that may work a pay period for a trial time, but be willing to let go of money saving methods that just don’t work for you and your family.

Mind Over Matter

Often what causes people to spend is the feeling that they are being deprived of something. To combat this state of mind is actually pretty easy. Make a list of things that you enjoy that are free. Next to this list put a picture of the worst purchase you ever made. It should be something that you never use and wish you hadn’t bought. Let these two items be a reminder that not all things you love cost money and not all things that cost money are worth buying.

Tweak What You Already Do

As I said before, often we feel deprived when saving money, but most of the time we do it to ourselves. Don’t downsize yourself to a bread and water diet. Instead, look for deals on things you use regularly. Buy store brands instead of going without. At some point you may decide to downsize an item completely, but remember to start out with baby steps, or you may just end up binge spending instead of saving money.


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