The Dos and Don’ts of Printing Coupons

Posted on September 28th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

So many coupons are available online now. It’s exciting to be able to save money right from your printer! However, there are definitely some things to be aware of in order to be a smart and honest couponer.

 The Dos:

Do print coupons! Most stores do accept internet printable manufacturer coupons. So if you see a coupon you think you’ll use, be sure to print it.

Install Coupon Printer – You will have to download small software applications known as a “coupon printer” for each of the main coupon providers (, SmartSource, Redplum, Coupon Network, Bricks, eClips, etc.). Don’t worry, it only gives your computer the information it needs to print coupons and only tracks your IP to make sure you only print up to two of each coupon.

Print Limits – Most internet printable coupons allow 2 prints per computer. So if you like a coupon, be sure to print a second one by either clicking “back” or going through the original link again. If you have access to another computer in your house, you can print 2 more coupons from it.

Coupon Policy on IPs – Be aware of your grocery store’s coupon policy. Some will only accept internet printable coupons (IPs) if they are printed in color. (Most are okay with black and white, though.) Some will only accept certain types of internet printable coupons (for example: Walmart will not accept internet printable coupons of “Free, no purchase necessary” value). Know your local store’s policy before you print and redeem coupons.

Black Ink Printing – Save money on ink by printing in black ink only (if your store will accept black and white IPs). In “Control Panel” go to “Printers” and change your “Preferences” to “Black Ink Only.”

The Don’ts:

NEVER COPY COUPONS. That is coupon fraud and is punishable by law. Each internet printable coupon from the main IP providers has a unique code on it, usually under a small box in the corner. Each needs this unique code to be valid.

Don’t wait to print a coupon. Most IPs only have a certain amount of prints available and when those are used up the coupon is taken down. If you wait, you might miss the coupon.

See, understanding how to print and use internet printable coupons is easy! Now get printing and enjoy the savings.

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