The Best Way to Steam Veggies?

Posted on June 11th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

My husband and I have started being lazy about cooking vegetables. Our kid love them, but I just felt like they took forever. So then we started buying those steam-able bags that they sell in the freezer section. However, I was noticing a couple of things, first they were expensive for what they were and we weren’t eating a whole bag. My goal is to have something convenient as well as money saving.


First I thought that I would try a regular Ziplock bag. It’s a bag, so it should work right? No. No it doesn’t work. My bag exploded and it actually melted a bit. So I highly suggest you not try that method. With this method I just threw the broccoli in with a splash of water and microwaved for 4 minutes.

Second I just put broccoli in a Pyrex, covered it with plastic wrap and microwaved for 4 minutes. Although this worked and my veggies were steamed, it really wasn’t the convenience of the bag. I still have to wash my bowl. Not too hard, but my next method was better!

Third, I used wax paper and broccoli. That was it! This was amazing! Tore off a piece big enough for the amount of broccoli I had, placed the broccoli on it and then wrapped it up neatly. Microwaved it for 4 minutes and done! Super soft, but still very green. It was PERFECT! A 5 pound bag of broccoli from Costco was $5.99 and the wax paper was $3.99. I estimated that I could do this method 17 times with one bag of broccoli compared to the once with a steam-able bag that cost around $3. The savings is ASTRONOMICAL  Seriously try it!

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