The Art of Finding Freebies

Posted on September 23rd, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

finding freebies

Who doesn’t love getting freebies? I am currently on a quest to make my poor mailman stuff my mailbox full of them. Believe it or not, freebies aren’t that hard to find.


Bookmark your favorite freebie finding sites. This can include forums, blogs, and listing sites. Check these sites daily for new freebies. The best time to check is in the evening when the freebies have been listed, but you may want to check in the afternoon as well to reduce the possibility of missing one you will want.

Newsletters and Emails

One thing that I love is when the most recent freebies are sent to my inbox. This saves me the time of looking for them. I just let someone else do the looking.

Read The Offer Carefully

Some offers look free, but aren’t. Avoid trials that will need to be canceled before they expire (unless you’re absolutely certain you’ll remember in time). Avoid shipping and handling charges (unless it’s a really good deal worth that small cost to you). Avoid any freebie that requires your credit card information.

Check Older Offers

Just because the offer is old doesn’t mean that it’s expired. If you like a freebie, but think you missed the offer, check anyway. The offer may not be expired yet. You may still be able to get it.

In Store

Some freebies can only be redeemed in a store. Print out the offer and take it with you. It may not be as convenient as them just sending it to you, but it’s still free. Go for it!

Mail In 

Some items you do have to buy, but then you can mail in your receipt and be reimbursed. I rarely do this, but if the value is high enough then it’s worth the postage to send in the receipt.

For Points

Earn your points by doing the tasks, or taking the surveys, or watching the videos that are available to you. Don’t buy points. Often when you buy bids or points, in the end, you may as well have bought the item.

Social Media

Sometimes you have to like something on Facebook to be able to fill out a sample order or enter a giveaway contest. Go for it! Also, use it as a moment to share with your friends.


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