TGIF! Here’s a Fun Friday Tradition for the Whole Family

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Photo of mother waking up two daughter fell asleep at night while watching TV


As a kid my siblings and I enthusiastically referred to Fridays as “Stay Up Late Night.” It was the one night that my parents did not implement a bed-time and we could stay up as late as we wanted to (we’d usually crash before we ever reached 10pm, though) and we’d have a blast watching movies and eating pizza. Pure kid heaven, let me tell you.

Fridays were the best days ever because our school let out early so we usually went to get lunch with my mom and grandma. After that we’d head home to board games, movies projected onto the wall with my dads dinosaur of a projector, and lots of other fun. Having those fun activities to look forward to during the week was the greatest, and I’d love to share some fun ideas with you so that you can host your own “Friday Stay Up Late Night” with your family each week.

Pick out a movie: After school my mom would take us to Blockbuster (do you remember Blockbuster?! Holy cow I can’t believe it’s gone. So much of my childhood was spent at Blockbuster) and we’d pick out a movie. Now all you have to do is open up Netflix and let the kids choose what they want to watch.

Buy some treats: Or better yet, bake some together!

Break out the board games: Apples to Apples, Monopoly (if you really want to stay up late…), Clue, Trivial Pursuit… Grab a few and have a blast!

Create a cozy viewing area: Have everyone bring all of their blankets and pillows and stuffed animals into the living room. Your kids will get a kick out of the chaotic coziness.

No bed-time: Seriously, just let them fall asleep whenever they feel like it. (Most likely, it won’t be much later than their bed-time anyways…) Even if this is just a once-a-month thing, they’ll love it!

Invite friends over: While I wasn’t able to have sleepovers with friends, we could have “late nights!” (Meaning that we got picked up from the friend’s house around 11pm, right around when we’d usually just fall asleep anyways.) Inviting some cousins or friends over to enjoy the junk food and games will make it that much more fun!

There’s so much you can do on a Friday night in with the family, these are just a few of the things that I loved as a kid.

Do you have any fun Friday ideas?  Let me know what you like to do as a family!


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