Teaching Your Children To Coupon

Posted on October 16th, 2015 by Coupon Cathy



I am a busy mom of 4. My kids range from 7 to 14. I began couponing when my older children were 3 & 5. That’s just a little background on my family. Teaching your child about coupons can start at an early age. My kids know what coupons are and how to use them. They started helping me at around age 3. Depending on their age, kids can definitely help us coupon and they are learning valuable skills along the way.

At 3, my kids could sort coupons for me (when I used a coupon binder). Also, beginning around 3 1/2 or 4 years old, while in the store, my kids loved having a “scavenger hunt”. I would hand them the coupon to use when we were on that particular food aisle. It was a fun game. As they got older, they would help out more. Cutting coupons with child safe scissors is a great way to get your child involved. Of course, this would be for older kids, since those bar codes are very important to keep intact.

At 2yrs old, the grocery store was a place they could learn colors, food groups, and counting.  Even toddlers can play along!

At around 10-11 my kids would “guess the total”.

Starting early with couponing skills or money saving strategies  is very important. Children will learn about the calendar, math, and saving money. The  tools you teach them now will last throughout their life, so make sure to get an early start in coupon clipping with your kids.  I remember as a child sorting my moms coupons for her.  She had a small coupon box, and I thought it was so much fun categorizing them for her.  When we were heading to the store I would watch her pull the coupons out to match the sale ads.  See how much that impacted me?


Do your children help you coupon?

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