Taking Advantage of Job Benefits

Posted on March 17th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Some of the most annoying expenses we have come from trying to make money. Many jobs have you pay for uniforms, training, and transportation. Luckily many companies understand this, and provide a few perks along with a paycheck. It’s wise to look into your company benefits and see what they provide for you in addition to your job.

Training and Education

One of the best benefits that can come from a job are free training and education options. Some companies offer curriculums as well as cover the costs of state or national certification. Some pay outright while others reimburse the expense. Many times using company courses can lead to promotions, raises, and career development.  Sometimes that education is even transferable should you decide to switch jobs.

Health Care

Health insurance can be tricky even when provided by the company that you work for (whether they pay for the full premium or part of it). Make sure you know if you have a deductible (amount that you have to pay out of pocket) and how much it is, in addition to co-payment amounts. Be aware of what care and medications are covered by your insurance. Some insurance companies will only pay for generic medications or work at a specific lab. Also be aware of where your insurance will be accepted and if it is for both you and your family. Make sure to stay up to date with this information.

Uniform Care

Some companies pay for little every day items that could add up. For example my husband is a automotive technician. The company pays to have his uniforms picked up and cleaned every week on the company dime. This saves our family the hassle and cost of getting them cleaned professionally. ┬áSome companies give a clothing allowance or will pay for new boots once a year. Keep track of what the company does and does not pay for. Even if your job expenses aren’t fully covered by your company, at least you may be eligible for a tax deduction at the end of the year so keep those receipts!

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