Money Mental Moments

Posted on March 13th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Most of the time Thrifty Divas are hard core about saving money. Every now and then, however we lose our minds completely and spend so much more than we believed possible and feel guilty about it later… maybe.

The Candy At Check Out

We feel good about ourselves as we completely pass the store aisle that holds all the coveted candy. But we have two children under the age of two shopping with us. By the end of our shopping trip we find ourselves really craving chocolate. Let’s see. There are almonds and chocolate, coconut and chocolate, and even chocolate and chocolate, all conveniently by the register and on the way out the door. So instead of buying a two or three dollar bag of little chocolates we end up buying four or five dollars in candy bars.

Online Impulse Buys

I don’t even need to be at the store anymore to relieve myself of stress by shopping. All I have to do is log on to my computer. I have my log in information saved for all my favorite stores, but it’s unnecessary because you are still logged in from last time. Your payment information is even on file. There are great deals and free shipping. And that’s why I have enough window contact paper to paper a glass house. Too bad my lease doesn’t permit the use of it. That’s okay. I tell myself it’s me preparing for the house we will one day buy.

My Old New One

I need a new (fill in the blank). I may have just gotten a new (fill in the blank) but I just found a better one that must now replace the first purchase. It isn’t that the old purchase is defective in any way, or doesn’t do what I wanted it to. It’s that the model I just found flies to the moon in addition to all that the old new one did. Plus it’s pink. That’s a big determining factor there. It comes in pink.

How do you avoid those budget busting temptations? And how do you forgive yourself when you give in?

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