DIY: Ugly Holiday Sweater Transformed to Cute Christmas Scarf!

Posted on December 23rd, 2011 by Discount Debbie

Jane By Design Style Challenge #4

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Before…                                                                 After

A Thrifty Diva isn’t afraid of an upcycle challenge. Turning something you already have into something new is a frugal solution.

For the Jane By Design Style Challenge we were sent an ugly holiday sweater.

The challenge was to take this sweater and turn it into something fashionable.

First I thoroughly inspected the sweater looking for a redeeming quality. I found it in an unlikely place.

Okay, still ugly… but what about the back side?

Voila! Subtle, silver brilliance for a classy touch of Christmas.

With my inspiration source designated, I began cutting and sewing.

Let me tell you, this challenge was indeed a challenge! Knit fibers fray and everything had to be handsewn. I’ll admit, it took hours to complete this project.

This is my creative and stylish solution for those difficult edges, sewing in silver ribbon. I had to make a needle out of wire, but it worked. Also, one spool of silver ribbon was actually wired floral ribbon (it’s what I had on hand, plus it was on clearance after Christmas last year) so I had to carefully remove the wire before being able to sew it. Once again, this project was deceptively challenging.

But I would say the results were worth it…

Cute Christmas Scarf!

Thanks Style Savings Sarah for your creative work!

P.S. Holiday Sweater, Dress Form, and #JBDStyleChallenge trunk provided by ABC Family.

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