Sprouts Organic Deals

Posted on October 29th, 2014 by Coupon Cathy


It’s Wednesday. That means I’ll will probably be headed to Sprouts this morning. The sales on organic produce are usually the best I can find (I’m always looking). However, since they also have a sale on Seventh Generation laundry detergent and there’s a coupon to use, I can get a great deal on my favorite laundry detergent!

Organic Green Curly Kale or Collard Greens $.99/each

Organic Honey Crisp Apples $2.50/lb
Use one $.25 cash back from Checkout51
Final Price: $2.25/lb

Organic Hass Avocados $.99/each
Use one $.50 cash back from Snap by Groupon
Final Price: $0.49 each

Organic Bartlett, Bosc or D’Anjou Pears $1.50/lb

Organic Cucumbers or Bunched Radishes $.99/each

Organic Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $1.50/each

Earthbound Farms Organic Roasted Potatoes $2.99

Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup $2.00

Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Cereal $2.99

Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup $9.99

Lifeway Organic Kefir $2.50
Use one $1/2 Lifeway Kefir Printable

Once Again Nut Butter $5.99
Use one $1/1 Once Again Nut Butter Coupon
Final Price: $4.99

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent $9.99 (95-100 oz)
Use one $2/1 Seventh Generation Coupon
Final Price: $7.99

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Panda Research – Receive Up to $50 Per Offer

Posted on October 29th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

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Shop For Christmas During Halloween

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Halloween Christmas shopping

We are days away from Halloween. If you don’t have a costume for yourself or your little one, chances are you can get a pretty good deal on one right now. (As a matter of fact, Walgreens has some costumes on clearance and a $5 coupon on page 11 of their coupon book. So, you could actually score a free costume if the price is right on the clearance costume of your choice.) If your favorite store doesn’t have costumes on clearance yet, just head over there on Saturday morning!

Have you considered shopping for Christmas during these Halloween clearance sales? You should! Think about it. How much do your children love to play dress up? Right now, my daughter dresses up whenever we are home. She even asks if it’s okay to wear her princess dresses when we go out! Boys love it, too. In my daughter’s class yesterday, one boy’s “show and tell” talk involved a Ninja Turtle costume he put on. He even showed us a few of his Ninja moves. ;) Costumes are not just for Halloween.

It’s not just costumes, though, that could make good holiday gifts. How about accessories? Capes, swords, tiaras, and costume jewelry all make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers. Candy might also be a possibility if you don’t mind the Halloween colors or characters. That may simply depend on how old your children are. Older ones may care; I guarantee that the younger ones won’t. ;)

So, when you pass by that Halloween clearance aisle this week or scan the online deals at a popular website, take a second look with your Christmas shopper eyes. That dress, that cape, and that sword could put a huge smile on your little one’s face on December 25. All you need to do is hide it for two months! ;)

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FREE Vacation Planning DVD!

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

Right now is a great time to plan a vacation trip! As long as you head south and stay away from the prime fall foliage tourist destinations, you’re looking at short lines, gorgeous weather, and the perfect excuse to pull your kids out of school for some fun before the worst of cold and flu season hits.

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Free Disney Custom Maps!

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

Order Free Customized Maps – Highlight your family’s favorite Park activities and attractions and then have them delivered to your door! Create special keepsake Maps of all 4 Parks that highlight your favorite attractions and entertainment.

Eating a Balanced and Healthy Diet on a Budget

Posted on October 27th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


When you are tired and on a budget it seams like the only food available to you and your family is unhealthy, but that just isn’t true. Even on a budget there are ways to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Buying Fresh Produce

Fruit with a heavy skin or a thick rind is a good buy when you are trying to have fresh fruit on a budget. Items like oranges or pomegranates will last a bit longer than grapes or berries. The same applies to vegetables like zucchini  and squash. The second best way to get fresher produce into your diet is to use frozen produce. It’s better to lean more on vegetables when using frozen produce. Frozen fruit has a tendency to be more expensive.

Learn To Make Your Own Bread

In fact, learn to make all the baked goods you can. Recipes are free online and many of them have become fast and easy. There are easy recipes for machine made bread as well as oven cooked bread. Buy wheat flour instead of bleached flour. This will make your bread heavier and more filling. It will also make it healthier for your family to eat. You can also use wheat flour in pancakes, cookies, and pizza crust. Also look for easy vegan recipes. They usually require fewer ingredients.

Block Cheese

Buy cheese blocks instead of cheese slices. A block of cheese is less expensive than grated cheese and grate into more product than buying a pre-shredded cheese would yield.  It will also last longer than pre-sliced cheese because it’s not immediately available without work. It’s easier to keep a variety of cheese on hand and to create your own cheese blends. Just keep your unused cheese  in a sealed plastic sandwich bag to keep it from going bad.


Buy lactose free milk or almond milk or soy milk. Lactose free milk can come in skim or 2% milk. Soy and almond can come in flavors or unsweetened. Not only do these 3 milk options last significantly longer until expiration than regular milk, for those that don’t really use that much milk, buy half gallons to ensure you can finish the smaller amount.


Eliminate animals from your diet. In our home we are eliminating pigs and cows. Poultry and fish are our main meat staples. This reduces the amount of money we spend on meat as well as reduces the amount of red meat we eat. It’s healthier for our kids and us. We also like to use canned meat packed in water. Often it is precooked, so we don’t need to worry too much about cook times or various bacteria being a part of our meal. It also limits the amount of meat we eat because we stick to one can. We also buy chunky stews and soups as well as chili. All of these items are pretty inexpensive and keep our meat bill low.

It is also good to buy lentils, peas, and beans by the bag. While it’s true that they need to be soaked before cooking, it takes little time to dump them in a bowl with some water and let them saturate at room temperature. When you get home dump them and some water in a pot and mix them occasionally while they simmer. You’ll have homemade refried beans or split pea soup in no time.


Diaper Deals This Week

Posted on October 27th, 2014 by Coupon Cathy

diaper baby

Our family is inching its way to not needing to look at this list. Our son is potty trained but sometimes has accidents at night. So, I always put diapers on him before bed. More often than not, he is waking up with a dry diapers. He can do it. We can do it. We’re almost there!

All Pampers Jumbo Pk $8.99, sale price through 11/1
Use $2.00/1 – Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, 77477, TX (coupons.com)
Or $1.50/1 – Pampers Easy Ups Trainers (coupons.com)
Or $1.50/1 – Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, 90210, CA (coupons.com)
Or $1.50/1 – Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (pampers.com)
Or $1.50/1 – Pampers Easy Ups Trainers (coupons.com)
Or $2.00/1 – Pampers Swaddlers Diapers WYB (1) Wipes (pgeveryday.com)
Or $2.00/1 – Pampers Cruisers Diapers WYB (1) Wipes (coupons.com)
Or $2.00/1 – Pampers Swaddlers Diapers WYB (1) Wipes, 56 ct or larger (coupons.com)
Or $1.00/1 – Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants or UnderJams Absorbent Night Wear from PG 10/26
Or $2.00/2 – Pampers Diapers or Pants AND (1) Wipes, 56 ct or larger from PG 9/28
Or $2.00/2 – Pampers Diapers or Pants AND (1) Pampers Wipes, 56 ct or higher from PG 10/26
Final Price: $6.99

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Posted on October 27th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

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