Free Stress Relief ideas

Posted on February 19th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


One of the most awful things to feel is stressed out. This is especially true when your have no stress outlet. Between work, family, and daily maintenance (chores, cars, yards, etc.) who has the time and resources to waste on stress relief?

If this is a question you are asking yourself it’s time to stop and take a deep breath. There are plenty of free ways to get sweet relief from stress that are free.


A mandala is basically a circles or square with an ordered pattern. Creating a small pattern of order gives us a sense of peace. The best thing about mandalas is they can be made out of just about anything. They can be made out of colored sand or stones. They can be drawn or painted. If you’re really ambitious your mandala could be a garden pattern.

When creating them focus on the order you are creating. Focus on the pattern and try to make the mandala as balanced as possible and soon your mind will start feeling balanced as well.

Personal Tea Ceremony

Set a time to have a cup of herbal tea every day. If you prefer have hot chocolate instead. Take the time to focus on the fact you are preparing something for yourself. Take the time to feel the warmth of the mug and inhale the scent of the warm liquid. Take your time sipping your beverage and feel the warmth flood through your core. Take a few minutes to calmly breathe after the drink is done.

Body Work

Yoga and Tai Chi are both very relaxing forms of exercise. The object of these two forms of exercise is not so much to break a sweat as it is to stretch your body and regulate your breathing. Even fifteen minutes a day can relieve stress and leave your body feeling revitalized.

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