Thrifty Retail Therapy

Posted on January 11th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Am I the only Thrifty Diva that likes to shop? Retail therapy is music to my ears. I love new clothes, new house decorations and ohhhh kitchen gadgets! Don’t get me anywhere near a Williams and Sonoma or I’ll break the bank!

Am I alone here? I highly doubt it, but if you are like me, you are also looking for a way to get your shopping fix while not spending your entire paycheck. Here are some Thrifty Diva tips.

1. Shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores. This is especially awesome when you can visit more affluent areas. I have a friend who doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, but she frequents the Goodwill there and gets some crazy deals. She found a pair of designer jeans that retail for around $300 for only $10. The best part, they tags were still on them! She finds these deals often. It wasn’t just a one time thing!

2. Check out daily deal websites. Zully and 6pm are two great sites for daily deals and discounts. You may need to be patient to find just the right item, but it’s worth it. Sometimes there are deals for up to 90% off!

3. Shop at Tj Maxx, Marshals, Ross etc.  They have amazing deals and you can still be fashionable!

4. Outlet stores. I hate to admit on a money saving website that I love Coach purses and wallets, but I do. However, I NEVER pay full price for them and usually it’s more like 60-75% off! My secret? Shopping at the Coach Outlet. There are a lot of stores that have outlet stores where you can get great deals, but NEVER full price. If you can go when they are having sales, it’s like double the savings.

5. Check out Thrifty Divas daily! Yes, shameless plug, but we are always updating you with the latest money saving deals.


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