Saving Money on Seafood

Posted on February 13th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We LOVE seafood in our house. Shrimp, fish, oysters etc. It’s all good! We had shrimp casserole for dinner! But seriously the cost of seafood is pretty ridiculous unless you live close to the coast. We are landlocked and although we live by tons of lakes we can’t get everything we like so we are forced to the store. I’ve definitely had to learn to find good deals on seafood. Here are a few thing I’ve found helpful.

1. Shop at warehouses like Costco and Sams. If you eat a lot of seafood this is especially a good idea. They have a good bit of fresh seafood and a ton of frozen. I think the frozen is pretty tasty too. You can save up to 30% from the warehouses.

2. Don’t buy expensive fish. For example halibut is more expensive than tilapia. If you know how to cook fish properly, you will hardly miss the difference, but you’ll save money for sure.

3. Soak your fish in milk. A lot of complaints of cheaper frozen fish is the “fishy” taste. To help get rid of the smell and taste try soaking it in milk for a couple of hours in your fridge.

4. Don’t avoid fresh fish/shrimp. Just because it’s fresh doesn’t mean it’s always the most expensive. Always check out the fresh and see what’s on sale. Even if it’s about to expire, you can always freeze the seafood and use it later.

5. Seafood as a side. A good way to make your seafood stretch is to use it as a side instead of a main course. Then you end up using less.

What are your money saving tips for buying seafood? 


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