Thrifty Ideas for Summer Fun

Posted on June 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Summer is here, are your kids bored yet? It’s only a matter of time when your kids are clawing at the walls and you’re ready for school to start again. But hopefully these Thrifty tips will help you when you hit that point. These are ideas that are either free or very cheap for you to do with your kids.

1. Library day. Your children may even have some summer reading so the library would be great. A lot of libraries even have summer programs. Check out their calendar and put it on yours. Most programs will be free and tons of fun.

2. Rent a Redbox. This is a much better option than just finding something on TV. This way your family can make an outing out of it and you can choose something together. The kids can get out of the house and Redbox has a lot of promos going on during the summer to get you free rentals.

3. Vacation bible schools. A lot of local churches will do VBS. They are generally free and the kids love them! You can either call around or check out your community calendar, a lot of churches will put their event on there.

4. Do a building workshop! Both Lowes and Home Depot both have free workshops for kids. Check them out.

5.  Clean the floor! Yes, I said clean the floor. Throw your children into their swimming suits, wet the floor, add a little soap and let them slip and slide around. They will have a blast and when it’s done, simply take a rag and wipe it up. Your children have scrubbed the floor having fun and you got a chore done! How fun does that sound!?

What are your thrifty ideas for the summer?

Thrifty Date Ideas!

Posted on June 5th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Dating is something my husband and I don’t do enough. But once you factor in food, movie and sometimes another activity like bowling, it’s pretty expensive. That led my husband and I to start more thrifty dating. Then we don’t have to stress as much when we are out about what we are spending. Here are our best tips.


1. Share a babysitter. We have two kids and our closest couple friends have 2 as well, so we get one babysitter and split the cost. The babysitter charges just a little bit more for 4 kids at once, but it’s still cheaper and our kids LOVE it!

2. Split a meal. This is always the cheaper option. Splitting a meal is a great way to save money and it’s great for dating. You have to choose something together. If you are super hungry hit up places like Applebees, Outback or Olive Garden that often have meals for two.

3. Take advantage of daily deals. Sites like Groupon have date deals often. Grab them up while you can.

4. Go camping. This is great if you can go on an overnight trip. Camping is romantic. You have to talk, take walks together and just be alone together. It’s great bonding time.

5. Go to a coffee shop and play games. We LOVE playing games, but with our kids home, it’s impossible. A lot of coffee shops have tables specifically for playing games. It’s free and it’s fun. This is definitely a favorite here!

What do you do for thrifty dates?

Uses for Toothbrushes

Posted on December 4th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Am I the only one with an abundance of toothbrushes? Besides getting new ones every time we go to the dentist, but my mom thinks her grown children need 6 of them a year in their stockings. Regardless of the reason, we have a lot of toothbrushes. They are often free with coupons too, so you may have some extras just sitting around waiting for a purpose other than keeping your family cavity free. Here are some ways I use my extra ones.

1. Cleaning jewelry. I am convinced there is no better way to clean jewelry. Especially when you have jewelry with a lot of facets that are hard to clean. I even use toothpaste and my jewels sparkle like new!

2. Touching up your roots. Have you noticed that a lot hair dyes come with little brushes in them for helping touch up your roots? Now you don’t have to buy those fancy kits with the brush in them. Just use your extra brushes you have.

3. Use it to clean your nails. They sell those special brushes to clean under your nails, but why spend the extra money if you don’t have to.

4. Removing stains. A lot of expensive pre-treaters have brushes attached to them. But if your’s doesn’t, just use an extra toothbrush to help get that stain remover deep into those fibers.

5. Eyebrows. Yep, you can even shape your eyebrows with it.

6. Clean your tile grout. Use some baking soda and make a paste with water and scrub that grout!

What are you doing with your extra toothbrushes?

What Do I Do With Halloween Pumpkins?

Posted on October 19th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Halloween is going to come and go pretty soon and all of us will be wondering what to do with our old pumpkins we used on our porches and to carve with our kids. Most people will just throw them away, but there are so many more uses for them!

1. Make it into a planter. Your pumpkin is already carved out and most likely only one side is decorated. Turn it around, put some awesome fall flowers or plants in there and let it continue to set outside. It takes a little while for pumpkin to rot, so you’ll have some time. They make wonderful fall decor for your front yard.

2. Roast the seeds. Pumpkin insides have a lot of seed in them. Don’t trash it though, roast the seeds instead. It’s an awesome treat and they are kind of expensive in the store. Here is an awesome recipe that I’ve used.

3. Feed it to the animals. Birds and other wildlife LOVE pumpkin. Chop it up and throw it in your yard. It won’t take long to be gone. This is especially great if you live in the country because deer LOVE pumpkin!

4. Enrich your soil. This is great to get your soil ready for spring planting. Roughly chop up your pumpkin and bury it. It will quickly decay and enrich your soil.

5. Cook with it. If you didn’t carve your pumpkin, there are literally thousands of recipes online for cooking with pumpkin. Personally I hate pumpkin, but I am a rarity.

Thrifty Father’s Day Ideas

Posted on June 12th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Father’s Day is Sunday! Are you ready? I am NOT! Honestly I’ve been so busy I haven’t even thought about it. Please don’t tell my husband 😉 Since I am a Thrifty Diva I am always looking for frugal ideas for gifts. Here’s some ideas that I am trying to decide from.

1. Power tools. This is a great time to buy them because stores generally have them on sale. My husband always wants tools. Knowing they go on sale this time of year is a good reason to say no the rest of the time :).

2. Hand prints painted on a plate. I LOVE this idea and I think this is what we are doing. It’s so cheap too! You can get super cheap glass plates from the dollar store. Then buy some non-toxic acrylic paints. Get your little ones hands all painted up and press them against the plate. Let them dry really well especially is the plate is glossy. Wash little hands immediately!

3. Cook his favorite meal. If my husband could ask for one thing, it would be the meal that I refuse to make all the time. You are probably going to be cooking anyway right? Why not just make his favorite meal. It may be the only thing you need to do. 🙂

4. Lots o’ sweets. Are you seeing a trend here? My husband would be totally happy with a bunch of food and man he has a sweet tooth. Spend the day baking and make him a treat tin with his favorites. In my husband’s tin would be my special chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats, molasses cookies and peppernuts.

5. Do the “man chores” for a week. This may sound bad, but we have chores we call the man chores. They include taking out the trash and yard work. My husband would LOVE a week off. I could do it for a week huh?

What are your frugal Father’s Day ideas?

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