The Heroes of Thrifty Divas

Posted on February 4th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Let’s take a moment to recognize and celebrate the heroes of the frugal world. These are the women who put the thrift in thrifty. They can make any dollar stretch into three. These are the celebrities of the saving circuit.

Depression Dames

These women put the thrift in thrifty. They didn’t just find a way to save money. They found a way to save and reuse everything from sandwich bag ties to any type of bag. They made clothes out of potato bags, found ways to make shoes last longer, and still paid the rent and found a way to send their kids off for better prospects. That’s why these women are number one on our list.

Prepping Priestesses

If you want to know about preparedness, look no further than our modern day preppers. They know how to make electricity with exercise. They know how to make laundry soap. They know what plants to forage in the wilderness. They even know how to make dandelions into a tasty salad.

Bargain Hunting Babes

They coupon and double coupon. The buy four hundred dollars worth of groceries for forty dollars. They know what’s on sale, where it’s on sale and for how long. They relentlessly look for the deal when buying anything and won’t stop until they find it. They even know how to do all this with food, fashion, and fun. They don’t just save. They save in style.

Resale Royalty

These are our thrift store gurus that find that perfect dress for twenty five cents. They can take the dregs of last decade and turn them into the glamour of today. They can easily find and flaunt retro on a budget. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothing, jewelry, or purses. They find them, spruce them up and could walk any fashion runway with them.

Which of these categories do you fall into? Or more than one? 🙂


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