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Posted on August 30th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I have seen all sorts of teething items in the grocery store lately. I suppose that, with a teething little one, they kind of pop out at me as I’m walking past. I have seen teething necklaces and things that vibrate to sooth gums.  I also, of course, have seen the fundamental gels and tablets. I, however walk right past these things because what works for my little one is already at home.

Baby Spoons

The use of spoons for teething is great, especially while my boy is learning to feed himself. I like the rubber covered baby spoons to help my toddler teeth. They don’t have to be chilled, but can be.  Using the spoons as a teething tool also helps my little one learn that the spoon does indeed go in his mouth and he is happy that it’s there.

Bottle Nipples

I like to put my old bottle nipples in a baggie and put the baggie in the freezer. Then when I need one I take it out and hand it over to my little guy. He likes the fact that he is familiar with the texture and that it’s cold. I like the fact I’m getting more use out of my baby supplies.

A Frozen Washcloth

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I have heard this idea done two ways. One way is with water absorbed into the terry cloth and the other way is without water. If you choose to go with the water the upside is nice cold ice water feels good on the baby’s gums. The down side is that your toddler may not want to hold something wet and cold for to long. I prefer using this idea without water. I may have to put multiple washcloths in the freezer (because the cold doesn’t last as long) but my little one is happier not holding a cloth that is cold and wet.

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