Use Your Smartphone, Save Money!

Posted on December 28th, 2011 by Discount Debbie

Let’s face it, smartphones have taken over the country. I am not complaining though. In so many ways, it’s made my life easier. I can shop on it, email on it and now I save money on it! Here are some ways you can save money using your smartphone device.

1. Use it for couponing! You can use programs like Savingstar and Cellfire. With both you pick the coupons you want and they load them onto your store’s reward card. When you check out, reap the benefits.

2. Use it to price compare. There are apps for your phone like RedLaser that will help you find the best deal just by scanning the bar code of the product you are looking at.

3. Store your reward cards. Are you like me and have NUMEROUS reward cards? I am pretty sure I’ve worn more wallets out by having too many reward cards. With apps like CardStar, you can store them all on your smartphone.

4. Find awesome gas deals. If you’ve never used Gasbuddy, it’s a MUST for Thrifty Divas. Use it to find the best deals on gas in your area. There is an awesome app here.

5. Use it to find your bank’s ATM and avoid fees. Bank’s charge an arm and a leg if you aren’t their customer and you need an ATM. Avoid those fees using your bank’s app and let them find the closest FREE ATM for you.

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