Budget Friendy Gift Ideas for Teachers

Posted on December 9th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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It’s the holiday season. Some people in our lives can be more difficult to buy for than others. It can be hard to purchase for our kids teachers, because we don’t spend much time with them to get a good idea of their likes and dislikes. And, if you’re like me and have multiple kiddos and/or kids that are in middle or high school and have multiple teachers, it can get expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be. I put together some budget friendly gift ideas for you:

School supplies: Due to enormous budget cuts, many teachers have to come out of their own pockets for school supplies. Why not lessen their burden by replenishing these items this holiday season? Send in a basket with tissues, pencils, hand sanitizer, crayons, and more. I tend to over purchase when school begins, and have plenty to donate mid-year.

Gift cards: Teachers love gift cards! I’m sure any teacher you ask would rather go grab a nice massage or Starbucks coffee with a gift card, then get another coffee mug, right? Good news, you can save on gift cards too. There are plenty of places on the web that sell discounted gift cards. Even Amazon and Ebay run specials on discounted gift cards.

Reusable Water Bottle: Perfect for the classroom. And, having your child decorate it makes it even more special. You can usually find a good water bottle for around $10!

Handmade appreciation cards: If you’re on a very tight budget. A special, personal, handmade card is a great gift for your child’s teacher. And, because all you need is paper and markers or crayons, you could do this for the lunchroom staff, office staff, custodians, everyone on your child’s list!

Homemade treats: Another great idea for those of us on very tight budgets. Make a plate of delicious baked goods. Place in a decorative tin which can be found at the Dollar Stores around town, and you have a great gift for under $5!

There are just a few budget-friendly gift ideas to get you thinking. Happy holidays!


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