ABC Family “Switched at Birth” Interview with Lea Thompson + Watch Free on

Posted on October 15th, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

I’m hooked on the ABC Family show “Switched at Birth.” It’s compelling, dramatic, and interesting not just for teens but for adults too. In fact, for those of us either old enough to be fans of “Back to the Future” (or for the younger crowd that caught it on TBS reruns) the famed Lea Thompson plays Kathryn Kennish, one of the mothers affected by the mistake at the hospital. Yes, she plays the sweet, rich parent, but she’s surprisingly dynamic and as usual for Lea, completely likeable. 🙂

If you haven’t caught onto the Switch at Birth craze, you are in luck! You can watch the entire series, all 29 episodes (as of October 16) for FREE on

Or if you’d like the 5 minute condensed version to catch up on the show, check out Beginner’s Guide Part One and Part Two.

Best of all, we got to chat with Lea Thompson herself!

Watch/Listen here:

Do your daughters watch Switched at Birth? And what do they think of the show?

Lea Thompson: My daughters love ABC Family and they love the show. And they’re always squealing, and it’s really fun, we all get in my bed and watch the show, which is really fun. I love that it’s a show that they like to watch. They’re 17 and 21, and they’re both actresses, and so it’s just great. And they’re fans of all the actors and they geek out, and it’s really, really awesome.

There are so many twists and turns on Switched at Birth, do the writers let you know what’s going on ahead of time, or do you find out these surprises as you get each script?

Lea Thompson: They do not tell us what is going to happen ever. And the only reason that Lizzy Weiss, the creator, doesn’t tell us is because she loves watching us go, Oh, I can’t believe that happened. She really just literally gets some kind of sadistic pleasure out of it, I don’t know, and so it makes for fun. And also always the re-dos, because we always do a re-do, it’s always really fun, sometimes we don’t get the script until right when we’re going to read it through and so we’re right there. What’s nice about it is that we can understand how much fun it is for the fans to discover these things as they happen.

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