Leftover Superbowl Food

Posted on February 4th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Whether you were rooting for the Ravens or the 49ers, the game is over and your guests have (hopefully) gone home. But are you stuck with a lot of leftovers? Here are some practical uses for some common Superbowl food.

1. Artichoke dip pasta. Just in case any of this made it out uneaten, it’s amazing cooked in pasta. Cook fettuccine noodles like normal, then drain. Put back into the pan and stir in leftover dip. You’ll have to adjust according to how much dip was left, but this is amazing!

2. Freeze/cut up your veggies. There is no need to throw away the vegetables from your veggie trays. Use them in recipes that call for cut up veggies. Throw your carrots into a pot roast or cut up your celery and throw it in your freezer. There aren’t many veggies from those trays that won’t translate into another recipe.

3. French toast from rolls! We always have rolls leftover from parties. We love to buy them for little sandwiches, but we always have too much. In addition to more sandwiches the next day, those rolls make amazing french toast.

4. Lunch meats. If you have leftovers lunch meats for sandwiches or whatever, they are great for chopping up into omelets.

5. Donate it! There are so many charities and places that need food. Call and see if you can bring some properly stored leftovers. They would most likely love it!


Some things you shouldn’t keep or reuse are items that were left out for a long time with mayo or sour cream in them.

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