Getting The Kids Out This Summer

Posted on May 18th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


There are many wonderful things to do when your kids are home for the summer. Many don’t cost anything to participate in or to visit. Here are some fun ideas to keep your kids busy and you sane until school starts up again.

What’s Free

Most areas have historical sites, parks and even petting zoos that are free or donation requested. To find out what attractions you and your little ones can go to check out the website: . You can plan both small trips for in your local area as well as day trips to places farther away in your state or a neighboring state.

Long Drives

Sometimes you can go on a trip with no destination in mind. Take a long drive as a family. Point out animals and trees to your children as you drive past. Indulge in a family audio book or a favorite music CD. At the end of the drive have lunch or a small picnic. Let the kids fall asleep in the back seat on your way back home. Enjoy the silence.

Neighborly Things

Set up times to visit a retirement center. Help your neighbor with their yard or garden. Attend birthday parties and holiday BBQs. Throw some celebrations of your own. Bring the neighborhood together as well as get your kids out of the house.


Participate in summer reading programs at the library. Take the craft or art classes offered by the local home improvement or crafting store. Sometimes even art centers, parks and community centers offer a free class for parents and children.

Go Camping

Use the back yard, a national park or a KOA. Take advantage of the activities provided. Swim, canoe, identify plants, set up tents, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open flame. Sing camp songs late into the night and sleep in.


There are many free events to participate in. There are open air concerts and annual festivals. I know of one area that does a rubber duck race once a year. Check out your local newspaper to find out what events are happening in your area.

Free Summer Fun – Part 2

Posted on June 16th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

free summer fun

I wrote last week about a fun trip our family took to the local fire station with our three year old son and five year old daughter. It was free, so much fun–even memorable–and free! You can’t say that about most activities for children in the summer. But, we are having fun finding more fun and free or really cheap things to do with the children this summer.

So, this is another edition of “Free Summer Fun” as a public service to you! 😉

My son, like most other boys his age, is crazy about cars, airplanes and big machines of any kind. He was already fascinated by all these vehicles before he saw his now-favorite movie ever: Planes. He can usually hear an airplane at such a distance that it’ll be a minute before any of the rest of us hear or see it.

It just so happens that we live near a very small private airport. My husband decided we would simply drive over there and ask if we could look at an airplane. (Note: I would NEVER have thought of driving into a private airport!) As it turns out, they were thrilled for us to visit. And, we got there just as a plane was about to take off.

plane 2 (640x480)


So, we got to stand just outside of the runway to watch the plane take off.

plane 3 (640x480)


We were SO CLOSE! It was just as excited for me and my husband as it was for the children. And, it was yet another very happy day for one three year old boy. What’s great is that five year old girls can be amazed by watching a plane take off too!

plane (480x640)


What free unexpected adventures have you taken your children on?

Thrifty Ideas for Summer Fun

Posted on June 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Summer is here, are your kids bored yet? It’s only a matter of time when your kids are clawing at the walls and you’re ready for school to start again. But hopefully these Thrifty tips will help you when you hit that point. These are ideas that are either free or very cheap for you to do with your kids.

1. Library day. Your children may even have some summer reading so the library would be great. A lot of libraries even have summer programs. Check out their calendar and put it on yours. Most programs will be free and tons of fun.

2. Rent a Redbox. This is a much better option than just finding something on TV. This way your family can make an outing out of it and you can choose something together. The kids can get out of the house and Redbox has a lot of promos going on during the summer to get you free rentals.

3. Vacation bible schools. A lot of local churches will do VBS. They are generally free and the kids love them! You can either call around or check out your community calendar, a lot of churches will put their event on there.

4. Do a building workshop! Both Lowes and Home Depot both have free workshops for kids. Check them out.

5.  Clean the floor! Yes, I said clean the floor. Throw your children into their swimming suits, wet the floor, add a little soap and let them slip and slide around. They will have a blast and when it’s done, simply take a rag and wipe it up. Your children have scrubbed the floor having fun and you got a chore done! How fun does that sound!?

What are your thrifty ideas for the summer?

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