Staying Warm For Less

Posted on February 9th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


The colder it gets the higher the heating bill goes up. This winter our heating bill has gone from about fifty dollars to one hundred and twenty dollars (granted, we moved a few states north). This is after pulling out the spare blankets and switching the kids to footie pajamas. There are ways however to stay warm without raising the heat


If you have the two dollars to buy a full length set of nylons you have the power to keep toasty warm. Wear them under everything. You can where them under skirts, pants, and pajamas. You can wear them with slippers or socks. The great thing about nylons is that they aren’t a bulky extra layer and that it doesn’t feel like your wearing two pair of thick socks.


Hats aren’t just for outside. You can wear them indoors and to bed. They keep heat from escaping from your head. Depending on the type of hat your get, they can also keep your neck and ears warm. Find a hat that fits snug and you won’t have to worry about it moving around or falling off your head at night. Ear flaps also need to be snug to stay on your ears.

Flannel Sheets

You can trust me when I say many a cold night has been held at bay by simply using a different fabric of sheet. The poly cotton blend sheets are made to breath, but flannel sheets hold heat in pretty well.

Home Temperature

Keep a consistent home temperature. We keep our home temperature at a cozy sixty eight degrees. It keeps us from over heating the house. We turn the heat off while we are out of the house to conserve energy and cost. When we get home the house feels warmer than outside, giving us a little bit of time to heat up the house before we feel cold again.



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