Shared Container Garden

Posted on August 13th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Sharing a container garden between a few households is a great way to save on expense and time. Each person picks a specific plant to grow and then shares their harvest with the rest of the group. The more people participating the better the variety of the garden. This is a good solution for those of us without access to a community garden and/or living in a small apartment. Members of the group can participate with a few potted plants, even without a balcony.

Be Creative with Planters
Planters and pots don’t have to be store bought or expensive, but they don’t have to be old coffee cans either. Re-purpose a child’s old beach bucket or that last pretty bowl from a broken set. Another option is to find creative containers at a dollar or thrift store. A dose of creativity, a hot glue gun, and a roll of gift wrap could even re-purpose that old coffee can, if that is your talent.

Pick a Potting Day
Select a day with the group to start your collective garden. Instead of each person buying their own potting soil share one or two bulk priced large bags between everyone. Pots can also be traded and shared between fellow gardeners. Decide what plant would be best for whom. Some plants are easy to grow with just a little water and sunlight. Others require a little more care. Let each gardener determine which plant would be best for them to commit to.

Enjoy the Harvest
Decide how the harvest will be shared and when. It might be best to try to give everyone an equal share of each crop. Harvest could also be done by preference. For example, if a group kept an herb garden and one person didn’t like chamomile, they wouldn’t take a share of it.

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