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Posted on October 16th, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

Project Runway is an awesome source of inspiration for a Frugal Fashionista to take charge of a sewing machine or simply learn to make the most of a look with accessories. I can’t believe season 10 of Project Runway is almost over! Even if you haven’t been watching the whole season, jump onto (or and you can catch the 3 most recent episodes for FREE. You know watching the final episodes are the most exciting anyway. 😉

Then this Thursday October 18th is the Season 10 Finale! That means the Fashion Week Fashion Show and the winner being announced. But since I’m a Thrifty Diva, you know I’ll be watching it for free online on Friday and hoping no one ruins the end for me before then!

We had the opportunity to chat with Heidi Klum about Project Runway.

Watch/Listen here or read below:

What has been your most awkward moment ever when filming Project Runway?

Heidi Klum: Well for me a lot of the times I would make my outfits too short and then I have to sit in the director’s chairs and I literally have to tell the camera man to please keep me from the waist up, because no matter how I cross my legs it’s always too short. Michael is like, “Put your cards on your lap. Put your cards on lap.” But that is for me, personally, one of my awkward moments.

I would do my fitting and I’m like, “This is too long. Let’s shorten it.” And then we would shorten it and then we get it back and I shortened it too much and I forgot I have to sit in this dress and then, oops, it all rides up—yes, so that’s an awkward moment for me. But then I have to make it work because I don’t have anything else to wear for that day.

Speaking of the judging segment, do you ever have moments where you feel sorry for the stressed out and the sleep deprived designers?

Heidi Klum: Of course I do. Sometimes I feel bad. I launch into this whole thing, what I don’t like about this and how I don’t understand why you came up with something like this. The challenge was X, Y and Z and you just gave it away and you’re such a designer. I launch into a whole thing and then afterwards I’m like, “Oh no, now I feel really bad that I said all of that.”

I fight for them. I fight for them and I root for them and I sit there and I want them to do good and I don’t understand sometimes why they do these things where I know that they can be so much better because they’ve shown it to me before. And afterwards I sometimes think, “Wow that came out rather harsh.”

Win a Quilt Cruise!

Posted on August 16th, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

Okay… I know that sounds strange. “Quilt Cruise?” Actually, it’s very cool if you’re a crafter. Craftsy is hosting a cruise that is devoted to quilting! That means you can quilt with fellow crafters/sewers, learn from expert quilters onboard, and enjoy all of the luxuries of a cruise too (excursions, buffets, etc.).

And you can win tickets for you and a guest!

Craftsy’s first-ever Quilt Cruise will be leaving the dock on March 23, 2013 and venturing to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Mexico.

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