3 “Tree” Acts of Kindess This Season

Posted on December 4th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

tree acts of kindness

Christmas is a great time of year, but sometimes our families can get a little present oriented, and not in a good way. Instead of guilt trips and threats of lumps of coal infuse your holiday season with conscious acts of kindness.

A Giving Tree

Do you want your family to focus less on gifts this season and more on giving to one another? Instead of using Christmas tree decorations this season consider decorating your tree with acts of service. When you see someone doing something kind, write it down and hang it on the tree.Use wrapping paper or origami paper to write acts of service recognized among family members, fold them pretty side out and hang them on your Christmas tree as decoration. On Christmas morning collect the papers from the tree and read the acts of service.

Give To A Tree

There are many stores that have a giving tree set up in their lobbies. You pick a profile off the tree and then buy gifts for that profile. You may be buying for an elderly woman or you may be buying for a little boy. You could be buying toys or coats. Take your children with you and have them choose gifts for the person in your tree profile. It gives them an opportunity to think of the needs of others outside your family.

Trim A Tree

Decking the halls can be fun and easy. Outside the home, however, the Christmas season consists of yards and weather. Offer to help a neighbor with their yard upkeep. It doesn’t matter what climate you live in. There is always something to be done in a yard. You could rake leaves, shovel snow, or salt walk ways. You could also help set up decorations for those that have the desire to decorate but lack the ability. Doing these things together will bring your family closer together and also bring you closer to your neighbors. Keep helping out long after Christmas is over. It will help that holiday feeling last.


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