How To Save Money On Produce Without Coupons

Posted on September 17th, 2015 by Discount Debbie



These days it’s very hard to find coupons on healthy foods. It’s not impossible, they are out there. But, it definitely takes more work to locate them. Especially fruits and vegetables. So, how can we save on produce? I have 3 tips to help you out.

START A GARDEN: Avoid having to pay for produce altogether by growing your own. Sure you can’t grow every fruit and vegetable in your own garden, but you can save a few bucks each week by growing some of your own produce. There are multiple websites to help you get started. Bonus: You will know exactly what is used to grow the produce, because you will do it yourself.

SHOP AT ALDI: If you have an ALDI grocery store in your area, you’re in luck! They have amazing prices each and every week on a wide variety of fresh produce. I have grabbed strawberries by the flat at ALDI and threw them in the freezer. A great way to stock up when you find a great deal is by freezing your fruit finds!

FARMERS MARKET: Finding a local farmers market or even a local farmer that you know will save you on fruits and veggies that are in season. Another great tip is to hang around toward the end of the farmers market. When they are packing up and closing down, they will lower their prices quite a bit to avoid having to take home unsold products. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts on large quantities too. Remember, many items can freeze and will last a long time frozen. It doesn’t hurt to just ask!


Saving Money at the Farmer’s Market

Posted on May 7th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Our first Farmer’s Market was this Saturday. I so look forward to these starting. I love supporting local farmers/business owners and of course all the awesome goodies that we seem to only be able to get during the summer. Here are my tips to saving money at the farmer’s market.

1. Buy in season. Some of those earlier vegetables or fruits will be more expensive. The further you get into the season and the more they have the cheaper their prices will be. For examples tomatoes now are a little more expensive than they will be later in the summer when they have tomatoes coming out of their ears.

2. Buy in bulk. Farmer’s markets are awesome for buying produce to can. If you are buying in bulk, the person selling will be more likely to give you a deal. Just ask them. I love to buy pickling cucumbers every year from them. They may not bring enough that day, but most will let you meet up with them later to get whatever you want to buy.

3. Go late. By the end of the day people may have stuff they just want to get rid of and the prices may drop. This is especially true of perishables. If they don’t sell them for cheaper, they may end up having to throw it away.

4. Price compare. Your first round should be price checking. See who has the lowest price and go with them.

5. Don’t go hungry. I say this about grocery shopping too, but this is especially important at the farmer’s market. They tend to have really yummy fresh foods too that they are making there and they are usually pricey. Not only won’t you buy that, but you won’t spend unnecessarily on other stuff too.

How do you save money at the farmer’s market?

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