Use Your Freezer to Save Money

Posted on July 17th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

One of the best tools to saving money is your freezer.  Something that many people don’t realize is that just about anything can be frozen, meaning you can stock up when prices are down and avoid ever having to pay full price.


Butter always goes on sale around the holiday season.  Take advantage of the low prices and stock up and put them in your freezer.  There is absolutely no change in its quality, just thaw and use as you normally would.



Shredded cheese freezes wonderfully and can be used within a couple of months without changing the texture.  Cream Cheese  also freezes great — but can only be used in dips, and recipes since it loses its spreadable consistency when thawed.


Bread and Baked Goods

One of my favorite things to freeze is bread and bread products, such as sliced bread, bagels, buns and tortillas!  You can find these items on sale on a regular basis and they can be frozen and thawed without any noticeable difference.  This is especially good in the summer time when baked goods tend to mold faster than usual.  The freezer is also a great place to store your bread heels (if you don’t already use them) and stock up until you get enough to make homemade bread crumbs or croutons.



Place sliced fruit or fresh berries on a cookie sheet and let them harden in the freezer for a couple hours.  Pop them in freezer bags and you’ll have individually frozen fruits to use in smoothies, to flavor water or to use in baked goods.  Stock up while they’re in season to get the best deal.



Gardening season, whether it be your own garden or farmer’s market finds, can be an abunance of fresh veggies for pennies (or free!).  Use your freezer to your advantage and enjoy fresh veggies all year long.  Some vegetables, such as broccoli and green beans, store better if they’re blanched before being frozen.  Chop or dice green peppers and onions and store in one cup portions.


Cookie Dough

Don’t pay those ridiculous store prices from pre-made cookie dough!  Make up your favorite cookie recipe and freeze in tablespoon portions on a cookie sheet (later popping them in a freezer bag) or freeze the dough altogether in a freezer safe bowl or bag.  Remove from the freezer and bake as normal.


✂— Coupons Make Cooking at Home Even Cheaper!

Posted on October 17th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

Save money by cooking at home AND using coupons on the supplies!

Print these coupons:

SaveUp – Get Rewarded for Saving!

Posted on August 14th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I am SO excited about this program. We all know about getting rewarded with cash back or points or sweepstakes entries, etc. for shopping online, but with SaveUp you get rewarded for choosing to save your money instead of spending it! What a cool idea!

How does SaveUp work?
After registering savings and debt-bearing accounts with SaveUp, users earn credits by making deposits into their savings account or paying down debt. Credits can be redeemed for a chance to win prizes and users can earn additional credits by participating in daily challenges, engaging with educational content on the site or participating in social actions to help others save.

What kind of accounts can be linked to SaveUp?
Users can register any savings or debt-bearing accounts with SaveUp, including IRAs, 401Ks, mortgages, student loans or credit cards at more than 19,000 US financial institutions.

Get started now with SaveUp!

And let us know if you win a prize. 😀

Never Pay for These Things…

Posted on February 7th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Recently I was in my kitchen making homemade bread (which I am definitely going to post about later) and I was thinking about all of the things I’ve paid for in the past that I never should have. Yes, there are tons of things we can get for free by couponing, but in general there are a lot of things we pay for and shouldn’t.

For example…

1. Books. The library is free! And if you are within city limits, library cards are free. Most libraries can get you any book your are looking for and let’s face it, what are you going to do with the book you just read anyway? Have a Kindle of Ipad? A lot of libraries have e-books you can check out and download right from your couch.

2. Your credit report. Every year you are allowed to check your credit report for free. There are a lot of places that say it’s free, but you have to sign up for a credit monitoring service. However, THIS one is the real deal.

3. Bank fees. There is always a bank that has free checking. Go with them. Your bank probably has an option for it as well. Tell them you want it or you are taking your business elsewhere. They will waive the fee. I tried it with a large name bank, it worked.

4. Car rental insurance. Double check with your own personal policy first, but most insurance will transfer over to the rental car you are driving.

5. Pets. You can rescue an awesome animal at the shelter. Granted, it’s not “free” but it’s more affordable than “buying” a fancy breed pet. Best of all, you’ll be a hero to that pet!

What are some things you never pay for?

Thrifty Divas are Throwing a Freezer Meal Party!

Posted on January 25th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

On February 11th, Thrifty Divas are having a freezer meal party and YOU are invited! What’s a freezer party you may ask. Myself and a couple of friends are going to get together for one afternoon and make enough freezer meals to feed our families of four for two weeks of dinners! And we are going to share our menus with you! Freezer meals are a fantastic way to save money and time.

We’ve even enlisted the help of a professional!

Jenny Stanger is the author of Fabulous Freezer Meals. This is an awesome resource for freezer meals. Not only does she have over 200 recipes in the book, but she also has tips to “reduce food preparation and cleanup time, package meals according to your family size and preferences, cut down on trips to the grocery store, and save hundreds of dollars every month on your grocery bill.”

Doesn’t this book sound awesome? You can buy yours HERE. You can also check out her awesome website Jenny has tons of resources and even some great how-to videos.

You Are Invited!

Thrifty Divas also wants you to join in our challenge. On February 11th, gather a few of your friends and have a freezer meal party too! Then when it’s over send us pictures of your party. One lucky freezer meal party group is going to win a FREE copy of Fabulous Freezer Meals by Jenny Stanger. Not only will you save time and money making these meals, you could win a prize.

Does a freezer meal party sound scary? Don’t be scared, I told you we have a professional on board. Next week we are going to talk to Jenny and ask her to help get us started with tips to Freezer Meal cooking. Have a question for Jenny? Comment below and let us know. She just may answer it! Next week we will have a Q&A with Jenny and some things you will need to gather for your own Freezer Meal Party.

So how about it? Want to join our freezer meal party????

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