Choosing an Affordable and Safe Neighborhood

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

An home for some of us often means that we will have to compromise something in order to get the price we are looking for. Safety shouldn’t be one of those things compromised. Here are a few tips to consider while neighborhood hunting.

Check the Internet and Police Records

Criminal statistics for a neighborhood are open to the public and free to view. Take advantage of these opportunities. Find out what type of crime happens in the neighborhood your looking at living in. Check for sex offenders. Save yourself the grief of someone else telling you these things after you have moved in.

Drive By At Night

Driving by in the twilight hours is a really good way to determine if an apartment complex is safe. Notice who is outside? Is it children playing while their parents watch? Is it a retired couple sitting on the porch? Or is no one outside? What are your instincts telling you? Chances are in the daylight you will feel comfortable in most neighborhoods. When it’s getting dark will tell you if you are still going to be comfortable there when the office closes.

Look For Decorations

A home that has decorations outside is less concerned with vandalism and theft. Sure it may still happen from time to time, but that isn’t the constant mindset of the residents already living there. Look for lawn ornaments, little container gardens, and patio furniture. The apartments may be a little older, but you can tell how comfortable others feel there by what they choose to display.

Apartment Conditions

It’s not enough to feel safe due to a low crime rate and nice neighbors. The apartment needs to be a safe environment as well. Check to see if windows leak air, look for breaks in the glass, and see if the doors hang right. Check to see when the apartments or house was made and if any questionable materials were used. Is there an insect infestation? Is there a mold problem? It is far better to check these things when investigating moving in rather than be stuck in a lease or mortgage with them.


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