Money Can’t Buy You….

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We talk a lot about saving money. We LOVE to save money here at Thrifty Divas. But it’s also important to think about it from another point of view. Although it feels great to save money or get an amazing deal there is so much money can’t buy. You’ve heard that money can’t buy you love right, well that’s not all money can’t buy.

A lot of this may seen obvious, but think about this list next time money is stressing you out.

A smile
Time with your children
A friend
One more hour with a dying relative
The moment you see your baby for the first time
More time

Life isn’t about money, not even close. Maybe this week think less about coupons and saving money and more about investing in the things money can’t buy.  

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