When It Pays to Buy Brand Name

Posted on April 24th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

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Some people claim that using certain brand names helps them save money. Others swear that brand name items are the financial devil. I like to keep my opinion somewhere in the middle. Some brand names are so high quality they are worth their cost. Others would be foolish to buy. Here are a few ways we discern between the two.

Point Rewards

Some products come with loyalty points. The two Point products I collect are from Coke and from Huggies. I have redeemed Coke points for magazines and a few gift cards to either restaurants or stores. Huggies points can be used to get free toys or childre’sn books. When choosing to go with a certain brand it’s best to see what perks can go along with staying true to your brand.  If there are none, perhaps it’s time to see if another brand does.


We use some brands because other brands aren’t just less expensive. They are cheap. They fall apart, don’t taste right, or were made of the least expensive materials. Most store brands are just as good (and sometimes better) than the big name brands. Every now and the,n however, we come across a name brand that is worth every extra penny. Some of these items have been kitty litter, diapers, and soy milk. It’s great to try new items, just in case it is better than the name brand item that you purchase, but be sure not to spend more trying new things that don’t work rather than keeping to a tried and true name brand.

Coupons and Smaller Amounts

Some items that we buy wouldn’t be quite as expensive if we used the tools available to us. For example, if you can find a coupon for a product you usually use it would save you money to use it. Another trick is to buy brand name items in smaller amounts. How little can you get away with? This works particularly well with treat items like chips or chocolate. Not only will you save money and still get your snack, you will also most likely keep it to a more healthy serving size.

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