Leftover Makeovers

Posted on September 6th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I hate wasting food, but I also hate having the same thing twice, when food is left over. So I use these ideas to make a different meal out of the same ingredients.

Meat Sauces

Instead of making spaghetti twice in a row, I pull out some buns and make Sloppy Joe mix out of that left over meat sauce. I also like to use a meat sauce on my mashed potatoes instead of a gravy.

Stir Fry

All sorts of things can go into stir fries. I have made it noodle based with scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables. I have made it rice based with chicken and broccoli. Basically if there is a meat and a vegetable left over I just add it to noodles or rice for a fun new stir fry.


I like to make stews mostly when I have steak or pork chops left over. I add broth and canned carrots. Or if I’m in a rush, I just add the cut up meat to a vegetable soup.


Vegetables and meat can also be added to your choice of cream soup to make a chowder. I like to use cream of potato. It makes the soup more filling and I don’t need to peal or cut the spuds. If I feel like doing something more spicy, I add a tomato based soup ¬†and salsa instead.

Pot Pies

This idea is for getting three meals out of one. If, by chance, I have chowder left over the next day I put it inside a pie crust and turn it into a homemade pot pie. Since the filling been cooked twice already, I just need to make sure the crust is cooked fully.

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