Not So Good Reasons to Spend Money on Our Kids

Posted on March 4th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

kid spending

Kids. They cost a lot of money. As parents that isn’t something we just accept. In fact many of us live the thrifty life to give them the things we feel they need. We embrace it knowing the more effort we put into our children the better future they may have. We sign them up for many different classes and fun activities. We have a membership to every museum, zoo, and aquarium in a thirty mile radius.  But is spending more money a needed part of that effort?

I Just Like My Kids

Before we get on to the other reasons we may spend to much on our children, lets talk about the best reason. We like our children. We want to see them happy. We want them to have good opportunities and great learning experiences. So we need to ask ourselves if the purchases we make are giving them that? Are we repeating the same opportunities in different purchases? Or, if the purchase is in entertainment form, like a movie, will they be just as happy watching it on Netflix with us when it doesn’t cost twenty five dollars to watch.

We can give our children the things we want them to have, but we can also do it through delayed gratification or on a smaller scale.

What I Never Had

We want to make sure our kids have some of the things we didn’t have growing up. It’s the reason why eighties and nineties toys are making such a huge come back. We are literally getting our children the commercial toys we coveted at a young age. We need to ask ourselves if our child truly wants this toy or is it something that we have always dreamed of having? Are we living through our children vicariously?

It’s okay to get toys for our children, and it’s even okay to get toys for ourselves. We just need to make sure we don’t go overboard and we know who the purchase is actually for.

Bully Buys

Children have a way of getting to us through the power of whining. They whine and we may, from time to time, cave just to make the whining stop. Yes, five more minutes before bed time. No, they don’t have to eat ALL their vegetables. In stores purchases may be made for the same reason. A quick surrender so there is no in-store tantrum.

Let them have the tantrum. Then still don’t give them the candy bar or toy. Take a deep breath and remind yourself this is part of the growing process for you as well and them. If other people give you a hard time invite them to babysit. They may be full of advice, but chances are the application of said advice may be about as easy for them as it is for you.

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