Thrifty Tip: Easy Healthy Foods For Kids

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 by Discount Debbie

easy healthy foods for kids

I don’t know one mother who isn’t concerned about her children eating healthy food. We may all have varying degrees of applying what we believe is healthy to our daily lives. But, we all think about it, don’t we? Sometimes, we try so hard to make them eat broccoli and spinach that we forget that it doesn’t always have to be so hard. Here are a few reminders of foods that are great for kids that don’t have to be so hard for them to eat–or drink! 🙂

1. Milk. Milk is great for children. It’s a good source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein for children. And, be sure to get whole milk, not the low fat variety. Good fats are good for us and actually do more to maintain a healthy metabolism. That whole “low fat” trend many of us were brought up on has proven to be a faulty model for good health and weight loss.

2. Apples. Apples make for an easy, healthy snack. Ideally, your children will eat an unpeeled apple as a snack. The skin contains about 5 grams of fiber. However, if your children are like mine and prefer it peeled, they’ll still get half of that fiber along with a good dose of vitamin C.

3. Eggs. Eggs contain protein, iron, and many other vitamins and minerals. I try to make sure that my children get eggs almost every day.

4. Vegetables. We all know that we all, adults and children alike, don’t get enough dark green, leafy vegetables in our diets. So, some of us moms are apt to try to sneak them into sauces and smoothies to make sure our children get ’em. 😉 However, we need to remember that there are other vegetables that are more palatable for little ones. Carrots, peas, and potatoes are a few. My children enjoy crunching on a raw carrot much more than they do eating cooked carrots. Other children prefer cooked carrots because they taste sweeter when they are baked or roasted. Don’t look down on the non-green veggies. They, too, contain nourishing vitamins and minerals.

What are some healthy foods that your children love to eat?

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