Are K-Cups Worth the Cost?

Posted on June 4th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

For months now, I’ve been on team coffee pot when it came down to cost efficiency of the K Cup system. I mean, how could single little cups be cost effective against just making a pot of coffee the old fashioned way with a standard coffee filter and ground coffee? You may be as surprised as I am of the cost breakdown.

K-Cup vs. Starbucks
First it’s definitely cheaper than going for a daily coffee at Starbucks and can be as tasty. Even Starbucks sells K-cups of their famous coffee. You can spend around $1.50 a day for Starbucks drip or $.90 a day for a K-Cup, cup of coffee. The cost goes down after a year too. The initial cost is to pay for the actual machine. 

K-Cup vs. Regular coffee pot
Regular coffee wins price wise, but it’s not by much. Personally I think the K-Cup is worth having to deter you from the spendier options. Cost per 12 oz. cup                                                  is around $.90 for K-Cup compared to $.45 a 12 oz cup of home brew. It’s not a HUGE price jump and with all the options of K-cups it may be worth it.

Other tips on saving on K-cups…
Look for samples. There are lots of different companies that will giveaway samples of K-cups. At one point I had more than 20 of those cups that I got for free!
Buy in bulk. Amazon is a great place for buying them in bulk as well as Costco or Sams.
Buy a reusable filter. THIS one is great and you can just keep reusing it with regular coffee, but none of the waste of a whole pot.

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