Saving Money on Insurance

Posted on August 8th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Insurance is one of the most frustrating purchases to make. On one hand, we are spending money on something that may never happen. On the other hand, we would be very sorry not to have it should the necessity for it arise. Sometimes it’s against the law to be without insurance. Other times it just costs more than we would like to spend. For whatever reason you choose to hold an insurance policy, here are a few ways to keep your insurance from being more of a burden than it’s worth.

Shop Around

The first thing you will want to do when searching for insurance is shop around. Don’t just go with the company that your family has always been insured with, or what was recommended by a friend. Don’t only get one quote. Compare and price as many companies as you can find. Take notes on what you discover about each one. Know what insurances they offer and at what price. Then make the best decision for both your family and your finances.

Company Loyalty

Many companies offer a number of different types of insurances. We need car insurance, home owner’s or renter’s insurance, and life insurance. We need medical insurance. In some places we need special insurance based on flooding or earthquake possibilities. When we get most or all of our different types of insurance coverage from one company, our company often offers a discount to reward our customer loyalty.

Very Basic Coverage

Along with offering different types of insurance, insurance companies also offer a variety of insurance packages. Some have all the bells and whistles while others only cover the very basic needs of an individual being insured. If you are trying to follow the law by having a certain type of insurance, but have a tight budget, I suggest getting these basic packages. As your needs and financial situation changes, so should your insurance policies.

Perks Your Car Insurance Company May Offer

Posted on February 18th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Yesterday my husband was driving and his whole front axle came off his car. It was terrifying, but thank God no one was hurt especially our two small children in the back. Needless to say, the car wasn’t drivable and we needed a tow. But fortunately, we didn’t have to pay a dime for it. It was part of our car insurance program. That got me┬áthinking about all the perks that my company offers and maybe give you some ideas about perks your company have. It’s definitely worth a call to your insurance agent to find out if they have any great incentives for you.

1. Towing. This was the big one for us yesterday since towing can be $100 or more. I think towing is one of those things you shouldn’t have to pay for with all the programs out there like AAA and your insurance companies that may pay for it.

2. Entertainment discounts. Our insurance company offers discounts for movie tickets, theme park tickets, rental cars etc. They have a ton of promo codes for us and we use them whenever we need it. It’s a wonderful perk that we’ve taken advantage of a lot!

3. Accident forgiveness. When you get into an accident your premiums usually go up a lot. And they stay that way for a while. Some companies have started implementing accident forgiveness. I LOVE this option. Especially for those of us who are generally very safe drivers, but accidents do happen.

4. Bundling discounts. If you use the same company for home, life and car insurance, you will most likely be able to get discounts for putting them all together. It’s a great option if you know you need these other things.

5. Auto-pay. Insurance companies will often give discounts to people who sign up for auto pay. It’s a simple option, can gave you a little money and then you don’t need to remember to pay your bill!

What perks does your company have?

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