Hydrogen Peroxide To The Rescue

Posted on March 31st, 2015 by Discount Debbie


A couple of weeks ago, I shared a few practical household uses of hydrogen peroxide. Among those uses was removing stains from light colored carpets. Well, I wondered whether the peroxide would have the same effect on our light colored furniture.

It has been a struggle to try to keep the furniture clean. I do my best to make sure that we keep food and drinks off the couches… not always very successfully. Sometimes I come home after making a quick run to work out to pick up groceries only to find all sorts of crumbs and stains on the couches. It’s like they wait for me to walk out the door to eat and drink on the “forbidden territory.” ūüėČ Okay, okay. So, it’s not that bad. But, you moms know that it feels that way, doesn’t it? So, I wash the cushion covers regularly.

The pattern I’ve described creates two tone couches. The cushions look white/off white and the arm rests and the rest of the frame, which cannot be washed, are yellow-ish. I haven’t wanted to cover the whole thing with a slipcover. So….

couch 1

I decided to put some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and sprayed the peroxide onto a very dingy armrest. He thought it would be¬†more effective to pour the peroxide onto the material. So, we did half and half. (Welcome to marriage compromises…)¬†I was going to leave it on there until it dried. However, my chemistry-teacher-husband suggested that I put baking soda on top of it to ensure that the peroxide was absorbed back up through the dirty material and not just down into whatever that is under the dingy upholstery.

photo 2

I left it on overnight and vacuumed and brushed off the baking soda in the morning. Here is what it looked like when I removed all the baking soda. The only marking on the arm rest was where I “compromised” and let my husband pour (instead of spray) the peroxide. We can fix that easily now that I know how this works!

couch 3

I think we have an all natural, non-toxic, easy, thrifty answer to alleviating the two tone couch!

How do you get rid of stains on your upholstery?

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