You Might Be A Thrifty Diva If…

Posted on January 15th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

dollar with text

I wish I could say that I’ve simply “heard” of these things. No, I’ve lived each one of these out. Feel free to say a prayer for me and my family. 😉

1. If your husband comes home from work and notices something new and one of your children exclaims, “It was on sale!” or “We got a good deal!”, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

2. If you see that a different brand of a product you normally buy is on sale and you pull out your phone or calculator to figure out the price per unit, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

3. If you regret “splurging” and buying your favorite chocolate treat, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

4. If you put something that wasn’t on your grocery list into your cart, think about it the whole time you are shopping, and then finally decide that you aren’t going to buy it, you might be a Thrifty Diva.

5. If you keep any sort of log of the prices of items you purchase most on paper or in your head, then you may be a Thrifty Diva.

6. If you’ve stopped buying vegetables because you have a garden, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

7. If you know your local grocery store’s clearance and markdown policy better than some of the employees of that store do, then you are probably a very serious Thrifty Diva.

8. If you purchase beans or rice 25 pounds at a time, then you are probably a Thrifty Diva.

9. If you test how many dinners can be comprised out of a pound and a half of beef, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

10. If you check for coupon codes before making any purchase online, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

11. If you visit several sites to comparison shop before making any purchase online, then you might be a Thrifty Diva.

12. If your weekly grocery stop is to multiple stores in order to get the best deals each store has to offer, you may be a Thrifty Diva.

What would you add to this list?

Thrifty Trends That I Wish Would Catch On

Posted on January 12th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

thrifty trends

There are things we all do because society dictates we should. It doesn’t matter if it is a standing tradition or a fashion trend. They aren’t fun for all of us, make us feel self conscious and cost money. Here are a few fashion trends I’d throw out the window if I could.

The Shaved Head For Women

I know that there a many women that can cut their own hair. I am not one of those women (but I am envious). My best hairstyle is the buzz cut, and I wish that this cut was appropriate for me in a professional setting. I wouldn’t have to worry about brushes, styling products, and my shampoo and conditioner costs would go way down. It’s a cut I could do myself and not need to spend a dime on.

Short Stubby Nails

No strengthening serums, or nail wraps or polishes. I wouldn’t need anything but a set of nail clippers and a nail file. I wouldn’t need to worry about polish or nails chipping and breaking. I wouldn’t have to worry about if the polish is toxic to my little ones. I wouldn’t even need to worry about if I have clothes that match that polish color.


I know that high heels would give me a more slender profile because I am standing on my tippy toes. But I am standing on my tippy toes, and no matter what type of insert I use in my shoes it’s just not normal. Besides the money I would save on shoes and inserts, there are the medical bills to consider. High heels really aren’t all that great for the health of your feet. They shorten your tendons if worn too often and twist your toes into unnatural shapes.

What fashion trends would you throw out of your life?


Recognizing Your Frugalista Kryptonite

Posted on January 5th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


For the most part you are spending savvy and saving savvy. Unfortunately we all have that weakness when it comes to spending money. There is that one recurring purchase that messes up our budgets and we don’t even know where it came from until we see the bank statement and go, “Oh, yeah…” How else can you recognize your frugalista kryponite?

You Need It

In your head you know you can live without it, but you don’t follow your head. You follow your heart and your heart says that you will shrivel up and die if you don’t have it. It doesn’t matter if it is a pair of shoes or in game currency. It could be that daily “treat” or lunch out you tell yourself you “deserve” but you know it’s breaking the budget. You have to have it and you have to have it now. It doesn’t matter if it costs a year’s salary. Your holy grail must be obtained. Most likely repetitively.

You Can’t Wait

There is no way that you are going to fall for that delayed gratification mumbo jumbo! You know the truth. Delayed gratification is just a fancy way of saying that if you wait long enough you just might forget it. You know that you very well may forget, but that this purchase will still be vitally important to you emotional well being.

You May Not Be Rational

Your spouse or roommate keeps trying to reason with you about a budget. Sure, money is a little tight. If you partake in fast food again you will be eating it with the power turned off. This isn’t fast food that you crave, however. This one tiny purchase has the power to summon the money fairy to replenish your funds and keep that electric bill up to date.

Combating Your Kryptonite

Don’t run. Your first impulse may be to run as far away as fast as you can. Luckily you don’t need to avoid your kryptonite quite as much a superman. Try earning gift cards through point reward programs to fuel your addiction that way your frugalista nemesis doesn’t even touch your budget. You could also budget your weakness in monthly or weekly. Who knows? Watching that money walk away may even help you grow an immunity to that radioactive desire to purchase that item.

How do you keep control over your frugalista kryponite?

Bad Habits That Save Money

Posted on August 21st, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

bad habits that save money

Many of us look to the things we need to change in order to save money or be better people. However, we need to stop and give credit where credit is due. Some may ask where that credit is due? In those little quirks and bad habits that are frowned upon in society, but in the end have saved us money and peace of mind.

Dirty Ears

I have children that don’t like having their ears cleaned, but my pediatrician says that’s okay. In fact my pediatrician says that it’s actually preferable to let my children have a little dirt in their ears. The ear wax keeps bacteria and infectious microbes from actually getting into their inner ears. This means less ear infections, less trips to the doctor, and less time fighting a toddler. It saves me in gas, time, money, and stress not to clean their ears too often.

Stop Shaving

I know it sounds nasty, but leg and armpit shaving really didn’t become a huge deal until recent history (with the exception of ancient Egyptians, who were paranoid about lice). Imagine how much money you could save in waxings, shaving tools, creams, and bleaches if you just left the hair alone. I have heard of men celebrating no shave November. Why not try a little no shaving ourselves. It keeps us warmer and doesn’t leave us with annoying shaving cuts or possible chemical burns.


Yelling has many useful properties when done correctly. You can be heard at a farther distance. It clears your airways if you have a bit of congestion. Upon occasion it can communicate better than being rational. I have even heard of a therapy that encourages an individual to yell into a pillow to relieve frustration. The only down side is when you don’t breath correctly and end up with a sore throat. Why pay money for therapy sessions when all you need is to shriek off a little steam and be on your merry way. Just don’t make too much of a habit of it.

What bad habits have saved you money?


How To Waste Money While Being "Thrifty"

Posted on October 11th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Do you ever feel like you work so hard to save pennies and then end up wasting dollars on occasion? Well, I do. I do my homework on the best deals for the things we buy. I make a lot of our own household items, like household cleaners and laundry detergent. So, I thought that today might be a good day to laugh at the ways in which we can waste money while working so hard to save it.

1. Stock up. You find a great deal on produce, apples, carrots, onions, etc… Let the fruit and veggies you buy go bad before you eat, freeze or cook them. Even just one or two, because it all adds up.

2. Make your own laundry detergent. The kind that doesn't get stains out of your clothes. That way, you have to go buy the detergent you avoided buying in the first place or have to replace the clothes that are now permanently stained.

3. Bake all your own muffins and forget to add just one ingredient (baking soda, eggs or honey are good examples). That way, they just aren't edible and you have to dump them.

4. Buy a sewing machine in order to make your own slip covers, pillow covers, simple clothes. Then, just leave in its box so that it doesn't break.

5. Buy organic/all-natural beef at 50% off, open the package the same day you bought it only to find out the meat is bad. Throw it out. Aren't you so glad you saved the money buying meat that you couldn't eat?

6. Wait for the perfect trifecta of store coupon, manufacturer coupon and sale in order to buy those diapers you need. Then, when you get to the register, you realize that the coupons have expired! All you can think about is the better deal down the street. But, you buy the diapers anyway…since they've already been rung up.

How have you wasted money while trying to save it?

Coupons For The Apocalypse ;)

Posted on December 20th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

No… I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world tomorrow… but hey, couponing helps us prepare anyway! 😉

Chris at Escalate Network wrote up this hilarious coupon list. Get a good laugh and print some REAL coupons too!


Coupons For The Apocalypse
Fighting Zombies all day can be a real headache:
You’re gonna want something to do on those long cold nights:
Don’t forget the kiddos, they’re our only hope at repopulating the earth:
When your husband is out slaying the walking dead, he needs to smell good:
I hear blood stains are hard to get out of clothes:
And you certainly need to wash off the Zombie guts before dinner:
Snacks. Snacks. And More Snacks. Fighting Zombies is hard work!
Keep the putrid smell of Zombies out of your house (or what’s left of it):
Fido and Fluffy can defend the homestead while you’re scavenging for food:
Leaves and berries can be bland, sweeten them:

If you take to the seas to escape the Zombie herd, you’ll need this:

Doesn’t this stuff last forever?
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
Where else are you going to store the food you scavenge?!
You do have one of those camp coffee makers right?
And last but not least, you gotta look and smell good in the new world!

Obvious Necessities:

A Little Couponing Humor

Posted on June 1st, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

I had recently gotten a little behind on my clipping and organizing coupons. Okay, so I had a huge stack of coupons! I was very behind. I’m happy to say that I managed to catch up just today! As I was working quickly through the coupons, I had a few thoughts that I hope will bring a smile to my fellow couponers’ faces!

You know you are behind on your couponing when…

You know you are behind on your couponing when your usual short stack of inserts looks more like it needs its very own desk, file cabinet or storage room!

You know you have been behind on couponing when catching up takes a fraction of the time you thought it would because so many coupons have already expired!

You know you’re behind on your couponing when you realize in your attempt to catch up that couponing is similar to laundry. The huge pile is always intimidating until you begin to tackle it.

You know you’re behind on your couponing when you are shopping and decide to not buy something you would normally buy because you are sure that there is a coupon somewhere in that stack at home. (Perhaps that’s another way to save money?)

You know you’re behind on your couponing when you actually avoid your favorite “couponing” stores because you are determined to wait until you are armed with your coupons. (Uh, another way to save money?)

As with the previous “you know you’re…” posts, these all come from first hand experience, for better or worse. Have you been behind on your couponing before? Add your “you know you’re behind on your couponing” lesson, gaffe or joke to the list!

You Know You’re A Couponer If…

Posted on February 29th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy


Every so often, we couponers need a little humor in the midst of our clipping coupons, organizing coupons (and stockpiles) and strategizing our shopping trips. You may remember a previous post with the same title. Let’s do it again. After all, laughter is good medicine, isn’t it?

You Know You’re a Couponer If…

All the Easter candy and decor has just been stocked at your local grocery store and you walk around looking at what you could use after Easter and purchase at clearance prices.

Speaking of Easter…you know you’re a couponer if you plan ahead to make your child an Easter basket the day after Easter, just like you did last year. (As long as she is not aware of the dates–because she is only 3 years old–this works great).

You always check the “sell by” dates on the beef you buy because you will not pay full price for organic beef again.

If the guys in the meat department know that you’re probably bringing them chicken or beef that hasn’t yet been marked down on the day it should be marked down.

You find joy in sharing your coupons (especially ones you know you won’t use) with others, especially if they are people who once doubted your coupon “hobby.”

You check Amazon almost every day just in case the price on you favorite products look good through Subscribe & Save. Speaking of which…you unsubscribe from Subscribe & Save almost as often as you subscribe.


Okay, your turn! Add your own in the comments section! 🙂

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