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Posted on February 23rd, 2015 by Discount Debbie

homeschool buys

When it comes to homeschooling it’s more cost effective than it has ever been before. Free lesson plans can be found online as well as supplements for learning. There are a few items that help make teaching our children fun and save us money.

Alphabet Magnets

They are bright and colorful. They are magnets. They scream to children, “Please come play with us!” Aside from that, they save money on paper when working on letter recognition or spelling. They can also be used to teach numbers and colors depending on the set you get.

Yes, you want to teach the fine motor skills that come with writing, but kids can trace these with their fingers and have fun with them in their off school hours. You don’t even need a magnet board for them. Just use the side of the fridge.

Composition Books

It is difficult to lose assignments when they are in a bound book. Plus, kids enjoy¬†personalizing them. Composition books come in a wide variety of colors and styles nowadays. They come both in college and wide ruled. There is a place to write the subject on the front of most of them. Bound notebooks also promote paper conservation. Kids feel less inclined to pull a sheet out for doodling because it’s bound similar to a real book. Best of all notebooks¬†are inexpensive. I have found them at dollar stores, but the best time of year to stock up is during back-to-school sale season in August when they’re even cheaper.

Dry Erase Boards

I have found this item to be better than a chalk board. First, rather than using chalk, it uses markers. There isn’t that high pitched squeak when I write on it. A lack of chalk also reduces items in my home my toddler can stick in his mouth and choke on. Second, they save money in the paper department. They are reusable and can be used for daily school activities such as writing spelling words or doing math problems. Get a big one for teaching and/or a smaller one for each of your children.


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